Isinglass Falls (Locke’s Falls)

Rochester, New Hampshire
Isinglass Falls, also known as Locke’s Falls and Gonic Trails Falls, is a hidden 10-foot waterfall in the village of Gonic in Rochester, New Hampshire.
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Isinglass Falls, known by various names including Locke’s Falls and Gonic Trails Falls, stands as a hidden natural gem in the vibrant neighborhood of Gonic in Rochester, New Hampshire. This picturesque waterfall is nestled along the Isinglass River and offers a delightful spectacle to those who seek its beauty.

With a total height of 25 feet, Isinglass Falls derives its name from the river that nourishes it. The Isinglass River flows with the greatest vigor during the spring, fueled by the melting snow and occasional heavy rainstorms. While spring is the ideal time to explore the falls when the river is at its most powerful, Isinglass Falls is a year-round attraction, inviting visitors to experience its charm in all seasons.

The primary section of the waterfall descends in a unique block formation, gracefully dropping about 10 feet. Just below the falls, deep pools provide a perfect oasis to cool off during the hot summer months, making it a wonderful spot for swimming and relaxation. Further downstream, near the falls, there are intriguing rock formations that offer fantastic spots to sit, unwind, and savor the beauty of the waterfall.

Accessing Isinglass Falls is a straightforward endeavor. The waterfall is situated within Gonic Trails Park, which boasts a well-marked trail system for visitors to enjoy. To embark on this nature-filled journey, visitors can conveniently park in the lot located off Rochester Neck Road. From there, a 1.4-mile loop trail leads to the falls, ensuring that the journey to the waterfall is both family-friendly and offers a great opportunity for hiking. In addition, dog lovers will be pleased to know that dogs are welcome on the trail and throughout Gonic Trails Park.

This captivating waterfall is not just a natural wonder; it also has a fascinating historical legacy. In the 1800s, a saw and grist mill owned by John Locke, after whom the falls are named, once stood in the upper area just before the falls. Today, remnants of this historical mill still bear witness to the area’s rich past. Isinglass Falls, with its natural beauty and historical significance, welcomes all who venture to discover its allure in the heart of Rochester, New Hampshire.


Address: Rochester Neck Road, Rochester, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.241528, -70.978889
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.241528, -70.978889
Parking Notes: There is a good-sized parking lot located just off Rochester Neck Road. The parking lot is large enough that it often doesn’t fill up. Parking is free. To get to the falls, visitors can hike the easy Isinglass and Watson’s Way Loop trail.

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