Jay Branch Gorge

Troy, Vermont
Jay Branch Gorge is a spectacular waterfall and swimming hole in Troy, Vermont. The falls plunge 15 feet into a natural swimming pool.
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Jay Branch Gorge is a spectacular waterfall and swimming hole located in Troy, Vermont. The waterfall features a stunning 15-foot plunge which drops into a wonderful round pool. This pool is often deep and clear enough to swim in during the summer. For years, locals and tourists have flocked to Jay Branch Gorge to swim and jump from the large boulders.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively super easy. The waterfall is located just a short distance from VT-101 in Troy. Visitors must pass through private property to access the waterfall. The owners of the property have allowed respectful visitors to visit the falls for many years now. If you choose to visit, be sure to carry out what you bring in. Also, help clean up the waterfall if you see any litter.

Visitors of the falls can park in the large lot located on VT-101. This parking area is just a few feet from the falls. There is a low-key trail leading to the falls. Ultimately, this is a wonderful family-friendly place to explore. Well-behaved dogs on a leash may visit too.


Address: VT-101, Troy, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.961778, -72.412028
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.961778, -72.412028
Parking Notes: There is a large parking area located right off VT-101. It should be noted that this parking lot is on private property. Visitors have long been welcomed, but if you encounter a private property sign or a gate, do not visit. As of 2022, respectful visitors are welcome.

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