Kedron Flume


Kedron Flume is a stunning and very tall waterfall located in Harts Location, New Hampshire within Crawford Notch State Park. About 150 feet of the waterfall can be viewed from the trail and it can be found along Kedron Brook. Kedron Brook is a very seasonal water source that typically only flows strongly during the spring when snow is melting. Many photographers visit the flume during the months of April and May to capture photos while the water flow is good. During the summer and other seasons, there is often just a small amount of water flowing down the steep and narrow flume. 

The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of slides and cascades. There are 3 district drops that can be seen from the trail. Each has a pool at the base. Swimming is not possible or allowed at this waterfall.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy. The waterfall is located in Crawford Notch State Park which features a well-marked and extensive trail system. Visitors can park at the Wiley House Parking Lot along Crawford Notch Road which is also known as NH-302. Then hike 0.80 miles along the Kedron Flume Trail to the falls. The waterfall trail is family-friendly and a great way to get some hiking in. Out-and-back the trail is 1.6 miles and only features an elevation gain of 418 feet. Dogs are also allowed on the route.

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Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 150 feet can be viewed from the trail
  • Type: Slides and cascades
  • Water Source: Kedron Brook
  • Swimming: Not possible / not allowed

Kedron Flume Location

  • Park: Crawford Notch State Park
  • Address: Crawford Notch Road / NH-302
  • Town: Harts Location
  • State: New Hampshire
  • GPS: 44.175288, -71.404122
  • Parking Notes: Parking for the flume is available at the Wiley Hosue Parking Lot. The lot is conveniently located right along Crawford Notch Road, also known as NH-302 or Route 302.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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