Kings Hill Brook Falls


Kings Hill Brook Falls is a stunning waterfall located in Bakersfield, Vermont. It emerges from a concrete box culvert beneath an old road and instantly horsetails down a 30-foot cliff into a shadowy glen. A sizable slab of what appears to be concrete, which was probably sheared off of the retaining walls along the road above many years ago, is perched on the edge of the cliff close to the falls. It has had enough time to develop a thick layer of moss that helps conceal its artificial beginnings.

The waterfall itself is located along Kings Hill Brook, hence the name of the waterfall. This brook is a relatively seasonal water source. It often flows strongest during the spring when the snow is melting. For this reason, the falls can often be seen in peak conditions during the months of April, May, and June.

Accessing the waterfall is super easy. The waterfall is located just a few feet off Lost Nation Road in Bakersfield. Visitors can park just off the road and then scatter down to the falls. There is no official park established for the falls and no trails either. To get the best view of the falls there are some small paths that have been made over time. It is unknown whether the property is private or public. It may be private, so be sure to be respectful when visiting!


Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 25 feet
  • Type: Fan
  • Water Source: Kings Hill Brook
  • Swimming: Pretty good, but the water quality is unknown

Kings Hill Brook Falls Location

  • Park: N/A
  • Address: Lost Nation Road
  • Town: Bakersfield
  • State: Vermont
  • GPS: 44.747928, -72.824242
  • Parking Notes: Visitors can park on the side of Lost Nation Road and then walk down to see the falls.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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