Kristoff Pig Farm

Sterling, Massachusetts
The abandoned Kristoff Pig Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts is a relic of New England’s agricultural past. The pig farm ruins are now open to the public.
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Nestled in the heart of Sterling, Massachusetts, lies the abandoned Kristoff Pig Farm, a relic of New England’s agricultural past that now stands as a haunting reminder of bygone days. Once a thriving hub of pork production, this sprawling property tells a story of ambition, success, and eventual decline.

In the 1940s, brothers George and Joe Kristoff embarked on a venture that would shape the landscape of Sterling for decades to come. Starting with humble beginnings, they gradually expanded their farm, acquiring adjacent properties until their holdings spanned an impressive 600 acres. Here, amid vast expanses of open farmland, the Kristoff brothers raised thousands of pigs in free-range pens, establishing themselves as one of the largest providers of Virginia ham in the world.

But the Kristoff Pig Farm was more than just a pig operation. It was a diverse agricultural enterprise, boasting a herd of milking cattle, vast fields of corn, apples, and pumpkins, and even a contract with Table Talk Pies to supply them with Blue Hubbard Squash. The farm thrived, becoming a cornerstone of the local economy and a symbol of Sterling’s agricultural heritage.

However, the winds of change would soon sweep across the landscape. With the construction of Interstate I190 in the early 1980s, the once-isolated farm found itself encroached upon by progress. The highway sliced through the Kristoff’s land, signaling the beginning of the end for their legendary pig farm operation.

In the years that followed, the farm fell into disrepair, its once-bustling pens and processing facilities left to succumb to the elements. Yet, amidst the decay, the property retained an eerie allure, drawing intrepid explorers and urban adventurers eager to uncover its secrets.

Today, the abandoned Kristoff Pig Farm stands as a testament to a bygone era, its dilapidated buildings and rusting machinery serving as silent witnesses to a vanished way of life. Visitors brave enough to venture onto the property are met with a surreal landscape of crumbling infrastructure and overgrown trails, where echoes of the past linger amidst the rustling leaves.

For those willing to explore, the farm offers a glimpse into Sterling’s agricultural past, a reminder of the farmers who once toiled the land and the pigs that once roamed its fields. Though the glory days may be long gone, the legacy of the Kristoff Pig Farm lives on, a testament to the resilience of Sterling’s farming community and the enduring power of the land.


Address: Merrill Road, Sterling, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.408583, -71.806333
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.408583, -71.806333
Parking Notes: Parking can be found at the end of Merrill Road in Sterling, Massachusetts.

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