Lake Massapoag

Sharon, Massachusetts
Memorial Park Beach graces the picturesque shores of Lake Massapoag, a stunning 392-acre natural gem in the heart of Sharon, Massachusetts.
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Memorial Park Beach graces the picturesque shores of Lake Massapoag, a stunning 392-acre natural gem nestled in the heart of Sharon, Massachusetts. This tranquil haven is one of the town’s most treasured natural resources, and its name, “Massapoag,” derived from the Algonquin language, aptly translates to “large water.”

Lake Massapoag serves as the headwaters for the Massapoag Brook, originating at the northern tip of the lake near the flume house. From there, it meanders through various bodies of water, including Hammer Shop Pond, Mann’s Pond, and Trowel Shop Pond, before ultimately merging with the Neponset River.

Memorial Park Beach is a central focal point of this picturesque lake, providing easy access for residents and visitors alike. This 353-acre lake offers a plethora of recreational opportunities, making it a prime destination for fishing, boating, swimming, sailing, and windsurfing enthusiasts.

The beach, situated off Beach Street, primarily caters to residents, offering a resident-only beach experience during the season. It boasts lifeguards ensuring safety along with convenient amenities like a bathhouse, docks, swim lessons, a charming bandstand, picnic tables, ample parking, and a delightful concession stand. It’s the perfect spot for basking in the sun and cooling off in the lake’s inviting waters on a warm summer day.

During the summer season, access to Memorial Park Beach is reserved for residents and beach pass holders. However, in the off-season, the parking lot opens its gates to all, providing free access to the beach.

Aside from Memorial Park Beach, Lake Massapoag boasts additional access points, enhancing its allure. The Town Boat Launch Ramp, adjacent to Memorial Park Beach, offers a convenient spot to launch various watercraft, making it a popular choice for boaters.

Another access point, Community Center Beach, located on Community Center Drive, extends seasonal sailing lessons, boat rentals, picnic tables, and restroom facilities for beachgoers. It’s a delightful spot for those seeking a day of aquatic adventures.

Lake Massapoag isn’t just a haven for swimmers and boaters; it also lures fishing enthusiasts. The lake is renowned for its bountiful population of Large and Smallmouth Bass. Anglers often target areas adorned with boulders, as these fish tend to seek refuge in submerged cover and structures. Yellow and White Perch also thrive in the lake, often found near structures or along the shoreline. Chain Pickerel, known for their presence in the weedier sections and coves, add to the diversity of species in the lake.

Lake Massapoag’s waters have yielded Chain Pickerel and Yellow Perch that meet the minimum sizes recognized by the Sportfishing Awards Program. Additionally, the lake receives an annual spring stocking of trout, further enhancing its appeal to fishing enthusiasts.

With its serene waters, lush surroundings, and a wealth of recreational opportunities, Memorial Park Beach on Lake Massapoag is a hidden gem that beckons visitors to savor the natural beauty and outdoor adventures it offers in the heart of Sharon, Massachusetts.


Address: Beach Street, Sharon, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.110972, -71.177111
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.110972, -71.177111
Parking Notes: Parking for Memorial Park Beach is located right on the shores of Lake Massapoag at the beach. The two parking lots for the beach can be found right off Beach Street. During the summer, the parking lots are reserved for residents-only and those who have beach permits. During the off-season, the lots are open to all and parking is free.

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