LaPlatte River Falls

Shelburne, Vermont
LaPlatte River Falls, also sometimes known as Shelburne Falls, is a captivating waterfall in Shelburne, Vermont. It drops about 20 feet.
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LaPlatte River Falls, also sometimes known as Shelburne Falls, is a captivating waterfall located in Shelburne, Vermont. The waterfall has a total height of about 20 feet and it drops in a series of cascades and slides. Although the main drop is only about 5 feet, the complete waterfall is pretty nice. At the base of the falls is a large pool, which could be great for swimming. Some locals enjoy swimming at this waterfall during the summer, but the water quality is questionable. More research is required as to whether this is a good swimming pool or not.

The Laplatte River Falls played an essential role in the town’s development and history. The falls were the engine that powered the town’s industries. Dams and mills first were built at the site in the late 17th century. There were grist mills, sawmills, woolen mills, and more. Ultimately, there are no real remnants of the old businesses established at the falls, but the waterfall itself remains a significant attraction for visitors and locals alike. The Laplatte River Falls has also become an important symbol of the town’s natural beauty.

The falls can be found along the LaPlatte River which features a large watershed. This means that the waterfall can be found roaring on nearly any day of the year. Accessing the waterfall is easy and only requires a leisurely walk.

The waterfall is located in the LaPlatte Nature Park which is a small park that features a nice little trail system and observation area for visitors of the falls. When it comes to parking, a designated handicapped parking spot is located right next to the falls. But other visitors will have to find parking nearby. The closest public parking area can be found at the intersection of Thompson Road and Irish Hill Road. Visitors can pull over on the side of the road here and it offers direct access to the LaPlatte Nature Park Trailhead. Visitors can hike the trail to the falls or walk along the road to the falls. Ultimately, the walk only takes a few minutes. Overall, this is a great family-friendly, and dog-friendly spot to explore!


Address: Laplatte Circle, Shelburne, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.371667, -73.215722
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.371667, -73.215722
Parking Notes: There is one parking space right next to the waterfall, but this is for handicapped visitors only. This is technically a private driveway, but the owners have allowed this space so people of all abilities can enjoy the falls. It is best to park at the official parking area along Laplatte Circle. From here, the falls are just a short walk away. The trail to the falls is pretty and well-maintained.

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