Mad Tom Brook Falls

Dorset, Vermont
Mad Tom Brook Falls is a little waterfall in Dorset, Vermont. The falls features two main drops of cascades which both fall about 5 feet.
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Mad Tom Brook Falls is a pretty little waterfall located in Dorset, Vermont. The waterfall is made up of both upper and lower falls. Both of these sections drop about 5 feet via a series of cascades. The upper falls are often considered the main waterfall because of the wonderful pool it has at its base. This pool is known for being great for swimming during the summer months.

The falls can be found right along their namesake brook, the Mad Tom Brook. This brook features pretty good water flow year-round. That said, the brook often flows strongest during the spring when the snow is thawing and water is running into the brook. For this reason, it is best to visit the falls during the months of April, May, and June to see them roaring. But, as mentioned before, there are benefits of visiting during the summer to swim. Also, the fall is a fun season to visit because explorers can avoid crowds and embrace the stunning foliage.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy as it requires just a short hike to reach. The waterfall is located in the Green Mountain National Forest which features a well-marked and extensive trail system. Visitors seeking out the falls can park along Mad Tom Road at the East Dorset Trailhead and then hike 0.30 miles to the lower falls. The upper falls is another 0.10 miles upstream from the lower falls. Ultimately, the hike out and back to explore both sections of the waterfall is 0.80 miles and features just 151 feet of elevation gain.

In conclusion, this is a great waterfall to explore for families due to its accessibility. Additionally, dogs are welcome on the route.


Address: Mad Tom Road, Dorset, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.241000, -72.992334
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.241000, -72.992334
Parking Notes: Lower falls are located at 43.241000, -72.992334. Upper falls are located at 43.240500, -72.990834. Parking is available in a dedicated lot just off Mad Tom Road. The lot has direct access to the East Dorset Trailhead.

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