Mead’s Falls

Rutland, Vermont
Mead’s Falls, in the heart of Rutland, Vermont, is a charming 16-foot waterfall and a hidden gem in this quaint town. It’s loved by locals.
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Tucked away in the heart of Rutland, Vermont, Mead’s Falls is a charming urban waterfall and a hidden gem in this quaint town. With a modest total height of around 16 feet, this waterfall graces Otter Creek with its presence, offering a serene escape within the city limits. Otter Creek, like many waterways, experiences its most robust flow during the spring, courtesy of snowmelt and heavy rainstorms. However, Mead’s Falls has a year-round appeal, offering a delightful visit regardless of the season.

The distinctive beauty of Mead’s Falls lies in its unique formation. It begins with an 8-foot dam that lends a touch of human-made character before transitioning into approximately 8 feet of cascading natural beauty. This combination of man-made and natural elements creates a picturesque scene that appeals to visitors yearning for a tranquil natural setting within an urban environment.

Parking near Mead’s Falls is a straightforward affair, albeit without an official parking lot. Many visitors choose to park alongside the road, where a small pullover area on Simons Avenue provides convenient access to the waterfall. This parking spot is just a few hundred feet from the falls, ensuring an easy and hassle-free arrival. Additionally, there may be parking spaces available on Old Falls Road, enhancing accessibility. Best of all, parking in the vicinity is complimentary, making it accessible for all to enjoy.

A short pathway leads to several different vantage points from which to admire Mead’s Falls. While the journey to this urban oasis is relatively easy, it’s advisable to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. Keep an eye out for litter along the path, and consider bringing along a bag to help keep this natural treasure clean. Mead’s Falls offers a brief but refreshing escape into nature, nestled within a bustling urban area. Whether you’re a local looking for a tranquil retreat or a visitor exploring Rutland, Mead’s Falls promises a charming and peaceful experience year-round.


Address: Simons Avenue, Rutland, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.603111, -73.012389
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.603111, -73.012389
Parking Notes: There is a small parking pullover area located on Simons Avenue which offers easy access to the waterfall. The area is only a few hundred feet from the waterfall. Additionally, there appear to be some parking spaces on Old Falls Road. Parking is free.

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