Mead’s Falls


Mead’s Falls is a quaint little urban waterfall and train bridge located in Rutland, Vermont. The waterfall has a total height of about 16 feet and it can be found along Otter Creek. Otter Creek flows strongest during spring when the snow melts and after heavy rainstorms. Although it is best to explore the waterfall in the spring to see the most water flowing, Mead’s Falls is a fun spot to visit year-round. The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of an 8-foot dam followed by about 8 feet of cascades. 

There is no official parking lot so most visitors just park on the side of the road.  A short path will take you to several different viewpoints of the waterfall. There is often some litter along the path to the falls, so definitely wear close-toed shoes. Otherwise, it is a short, easy walk for some nice views in a populated area.

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Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 16 feet in total featuring an 8-foot dam followed by 8 feet of cascades
  • Type: Cascades below a dam
  • Water source: Otter Creek
  • Swimming: Prohibited and/or not possible

Mead’s Falls Location

  • Address: 88-90 Old Falls Rd
  • Town: Center Rutland
  • State: Vermont
  • GPS: 43.60303, -73.01220
  • Parking Notes: There is a small parking pullover area located on Simons Avenue which offers easy access to the waterfall. The area is only a few hundred feet from the waterfall. Additionally, there appear to be some parking spaces on Old Falls Road. Parking is free.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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