Middle Covered Bridge

Woodstock, Vermont
Since 1969, the Middle Covered Bridge has stood as a testament to both history and beauty. It can be found nestled right in the heart of Woodstock, Vermont.
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The Middle Covered Bridge, nestled in the heart of Woodstock, Vermont, stands as a testament to both history and beauty. As one of the key attractions in Woodstock, a town renowned as “The Prettiest Small Town in America,” this covered bridge exudes an ageless charm that draws visitors from far and wide.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the charming shops of downtown Woodstock and a short stroll from the iconic Woodstock Inn, the Middle Covered Bridge seamlessly blends into the town’s picturesque landscape.

Measuring 181 feet in total length, this bridge features a captivating town lattice truss design. It generously accommodates vehicular traffic, albeit one vehicle at a time, ensuring a safe and unhurried crossing. Additionally, a covered pedestrian walkway thoughtfully integrated into the bridge allows pedestrians to traverse with ease, whether on foot, bike, or in a leisurely run.

Although the Middle Covered Bridge was constructed in 1969 to replace an aging 1877 iron bridge, it possesses a timeless allure. Crafted using traditional methods and materials, including wooden pegs instead of nails, this bridge embodies the essence of Vermont’s rich history. Its initial placement was even orchestrated by a team of oxen. Despite facing adversity in the form of arson in 1974, which prompted immediate repairs, the bridge has persevered as a vital thoroughfare across the Ottauquechee River and a must-photograph location in Vermont.

With a World Guide Number of 45-14-15, the Middle Covered Bridge beckons visitors to experience its rustic beauty year-round. Whether you visit during the vibrant fall foliage season or any other time, you can easily park within feet of the bridge around “The Green,” a park at the heart of Woodstock, Vermont, offering ample free parking. As you traverse this enchanting bridge, you’ll be greeted by not only its historical significance but also the captivating allure of Woodstock, where the charm of a bygone era harmonizes seamlessly with modern delights.


Address: Mountain Avenue Woodstock, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.624662, -72.520457
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.624662, -72.520457
Parking Notes: There are many places to park to access Middle Covered Bridge. The best spaces can be found around the park called “The Green.” There are dozens of free parking spots around the park and they are only steps away from the covered bridge.

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