Middlebury Falls

Middlebury, Vermont
Middlebury Falls, a charming urban waterfall in downtown Middlebury, Vermont, is a delightful gem that drops about 20 feet in total.
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Middlebury Falls, a charming urban waterfall nestled in downtown Middlebury, Vermont, is a delightful gem awaiting exploration. With a total height of approximately 20 feet, this picturesque cascade graces the landscape along Otter Creek. The creek, fed by a substantial watershed, ensures a steady flow, making Middlebury Falls an inviting destination throughout the year.

Situated in Riverfront Park, the falls reveal a unique block formation, adding to its allure as one of Vermont’s prettiest urban waterfalls. The surrounding area, embraced by the scenic town of Middlebury, offers a captivating blend of boutique shops, art galleries, and acclaimed restaurants. A visit to Middlebury Falls seamlessly combines the tranquility of nature with the vibrant energy of a small town.

Accessing Middlebury Falls is effortlessly convenient, as the waterfall can be admired directly from the road. Riverfront Park, meticulously developed by the town of Middlebury, provides lovely viewpoints and diverse perspectives of the falls. The park features walking paths, picnic tables, and a charming pedestrian bridge that spans Otter Creek. Beyond the falls, the park is a haven for leisurely strolls and moments of relaxation.

Exploring the falls is a family-friendly affair, with a 0.3-mile loop trail around the cascades offering different vantage points. Dogs are also welcome in Riverfront Park, making it an inclusive destination for all. As visitors immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of Middlebury Falls and the surrounding park, it becomes clear that this urban waterfall is not merely a natural spectacle but a harmonious integration of nature and community, inviting all to appreciate the simple yet profound joys of Middlebury, Vermont.


Address: Maple Street, Middlebury, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.013611, -73.168972
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.013611, -73.168972
Parking Notes: There is free parking at Riverfront Park which is located along Maple Street. The park offers visitors amazing views of Middlebury Falls. In fact, visitors can see the waterfall right from the parking area.

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