Middlebury Gorge

Middlebury, Vermont
Middlebury Gorge is a wonderful waterfall and swimming hole in Middlebury, Vermont. The falls drop about 10 feet in a series of cascades.
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Middlebury Gorge is a wonderful waterfall and swimming hole located in Middlebury, Vermont. It is a small gorge with a narrow valley with steep, rocky walls. The sound of rushing water echoes off the walls as a waterfall cascades through the center, sending mist into the air. The water flows over smooth rocks, creating a series of pools and rapids. The falls themselves are about 10 feet tall and feature a wonderful series of cascades. Downstream from the waterfall is a great swimming area. Locals have loved jumping off the gorge walls into the deep and clear water. As always, be extremely cautious swimming here and at all Vermont swimming holes.

One of the greatest aspects of the gorge is how accessible it is. Visitors can park right along Vermont Route 125 at the southern end of the arch bridge which spans the river. After parking, the falls can be viewed from above by standing on the bridge or explorers can venture down to the banks of the river to get a closer look. Although the falls are popular in the summer among swimmers, the off-season is a wonderful time to visit too. Ultimately, the Middlebury Gorge is a great quick place to adventure or spend the day during the summer. Either way, it’s worth checking out!

Dogs are welcome at the gorge but should be on leashes to avoid falling off the steep cliffs.


Address: Vermont Route 125, Middlebury, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.970278, -73.085250
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.970278, -73.085250
Parking Notes: There is a dedicated parking area for the gorge located along Vermont Route 125 right at the southern side of the arch bridge. This parking area is just steps from the gorge and waterfalls.

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