Ned’s Point Lighthouse

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Ned’s Point Lighthouse is a historic lighthouse located in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. The lighthouse was built in 1838 and is situated at Ned’s Point, overlooking Buzzards Bay. The need for the lighthouse became clear as many mariners were struggling to navigate into Mattapoisett’s significant shipbuilding harbor. In 1837, Congress allotted the funds necessary to establish a light station. In fact, Congressman (and ex-president) John Quincy Adams helped convinced congress of the lighthouse being a necessity.

Over the years, many changes occurred at the station as things required repairs and new technologies were introduced. That said, the tower has remained relatively original since it was built in 1838. It is a white, conical stone tower with a black lantern room. It stands 39 feet tall and its focal height is 41 feet. The lighthouse was decommissioned by the Coast Gaurd in 1952, but was re-activated in 1961 with a modern lens. This lens flashes isophase white every 6 seconds. It currently has a range of about 12 nautical miles.

On June 15, 1987, the lighthouse was honored by being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The significance of a lighthouse registered on the National Register of Historic Places is immense. It is an indication that the lighthouse has been deemed an important part of the cultural history of the United States. It is an acknowledgement of the lighthouse’s historical and architectural significance, and its role in the nation’s maritime history. It also serves as a reminder of the rich maritime heritage of the nation, and the importance of preserving our historical sites for future generations to enjoy. Furthermore, listing a lighthouse on the National Register of Historic Places can help to preserve it for future generations, as it will be eligible for federal and state protection and assistance. Ned’s Point Lighthouse’s NRHP reference number is 87001488.

Speaking of preserving the lighthouse, the Coast Guard renovate the tower from 1995-1996. Extra repairs to the tower were carried out in 2011 to fix cracks and leaks. In the summer of 2020, a major act occurred when 4 auxiliary Coast Guard members decided to form the Friends of Ned’s Point Lighthouse non-profit organization. The goal of the non-profit is to continually maintain the lighthouse and keep it open to the public for years to come!

The lighthouse is truly an iconic spot along the South Coast of Massachusetts. It has become a must-visit tourist attraction and it is especially sought out by photographers and history enthusiasts. The park surrounding the lighthouse is a good-size and is completely public and free. There are extra amenities including plenty of benches looking out towards the water, restrooms, picnic tables, a pavilion, a small boat ramp, and a beach.


Lighthouse Specs

  • Year constructed: 1838
  • First lit: 1838
  • Construction: Stone
  • Tower shape: Conical
  • Height: 39 feet
  • Focal height: 41 feet
  • Markings: White tower topped with a black lantern
  • Characteristic: Isophase white every 6 seconds
  • Range: 12 nautical miles
  • Status: Active
  • NRHP number: 87001488


  • Address: Ned’s Point Road
  • Town: Mattapoisett
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS: Lat 41.6509046 Lng -70.7956674
  • Parking notes: There is parking all around Neds Point Lighthouse. There are spots for probably around 100 cars. Parking at Ned’s Point Lighthouse is free.
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions: HERE

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  1. Eric Belseth

    Ned’s Point Lighthouse this morning at sunrise. This is facing away from the sunrise, where there was some amazing cotton candy skies.

    Image #1 from Eric Belseth
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