North Beach Island

Chatham, Massachusetts
North Beach Island stands as a testament to the ever-shifting landscape of Cape Cod’s coastline. It is one of the most special places to spend a summer day.
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Tucked away in the coastal haven of Chatham, Massachusetts, North Beach Island stands as a testament to the ever-evolving shores of Cape Cod. This relatively new island emerged from the tumultuous seascape when a breach occurred at Nauset Beach in 2007, reshaping the shoreline and creating this stunning island refuge for both wildlife and beach enthusiasts.

Before its formation, a continuous barrier beach stretched from Orleans down to Chatham, but the breach brought forth a new era, and North Beach Island was born. Today, this island boasts a unique blend of natural wonder and human charm.

Visitors to North Beach Island are treated to an awe-inspiring display of local wildlife. Seals frolic in the waters just off the pristine white sand shores, and on occasion, a glimpse of a majestic shark cruising through the depths adds to the island’s mystique. The island’s allure lies in its unspoiled beauty, inviting beachgoers to swim in the refreshing waters, soak up the sun’s rays, take leisurely walks, and indulge in beachcombing adventures. To make the experience even more special, dogs are welcome, providing a joyful experience for four-legged friends and their owners alike.

Accessing North Beach Island is an adventure in itself. Located a mere half-mile from Chatham’s coast, it can be reached by boat, paddleboard, or kayak. However, one of the most memorable ways to set foot on this enchanting island is by taking The Beachcomber boat shuttle. Departing from the Chatham Fish Pier along Shore Road, this short journey adds an extra layer of magic to your island escape while ensuring that fewer fellow explorers share the beach on any given day.

North Beach Island stands as a testament to the ever-shifting landscape of Cape Cod’s coastline. A place where nature’s drama continues to unfold, it welcomes visitors to bask in its splendor, share the shoreline with fascinating marine life, and create memories that capture the essence of this coastal paradise.


Address: North Beach Island, Chatham, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 41.672272, -69.937831
Parking GPS Coordinates: 41.672272, -69.937831
Parking Notes: Visitors can park watercrafts on the island. There is no bridge for automobiles to reach the island.

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