Ocean House Rhode Island

Westerly, Rhode Island
Ocean House in the village of Watch Hill within Westerly, Rhode Island, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of New England seaside resorts.
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Ocean House, nestled in the scenic village of Watch Hill within Westerly, Rhode Island, stands as a testament to the timeless allure of New England seaside resorts. Situated atop the slopes of Watch Hill, this grand establishment has witnessed the ebb and flow of time. While the original 1868 hotel had its doors closed in 2003 and was subsequently demolished in 2005, its legacy was resurrected in 2010. The new facility was reconstructed on the same hallowed grounds, bearing a striking resemblance to its predecessor. The sprawling Victorian architecture adorned with distinctive yellow siding, characteristic of both the original and the recreated structure, commands attention and admiration.

In the years since its grand re-opening, the Ocean House has garnered a reputation that transcends boundaries. Its exceptional services and facilities have not only won the hearts of its guests but also a slew of accolades. Notably, it is Rhode Island’s sole hotel to be honored with both the AAA Five Diamond and Forbes Five-Star ratings. Moreover, the OH! Spa and the Coast restaurant within its confines have also received the Forbes Five-Star rating. This triumvirate of Five-Star recognitions places Ocean House in the elite league of thirteen global resorts that boast this honor.

For those seeking an unmatched nuptial experience, Ocean House Rhode Island has emerged as a coveted luxury wedding destination. Its residential and hotel accommodations, impeccable service, the enchanting backdrop of the ocean, and top-tier amenities all come together to create an atmosphere reminiscent of New England’s illustrious era of hospitality. This combination of age-old elegance and renewed courtesy ensures that the hotel remains a preferred choice for discerning guests throughout the year.

Guests arriving at the Ocean House are met with valet parking. However, for those seeking alternative options, there’s roadside parking available on Bay Street. Additionally, a public lot in proximity to the Watch Hill Yacht Club provides added convenience.

The vicinity of Ocean House is a trove of attractions waiting to be explored. The Watch Hill Yacht Club beckons sailing enthusiasts, while the Napatree Point Conservation Area offers a slice of nature’s bounty. The iconic Watch Hill Lighthouse stands as a beacon, guiding visitors and sailors alike. For history buffs, the end of Napatree Point houses two abandoned military edifices – Battery Crawford and Battery Wooster. These remnants of Fort Mansfield tell tales of a bygone era, adding to the region’s rich tapestry of history and culture.


Address: 1 Bluff Avenue, Westerly, Rhode Island
Place GPS Coordinates: 41.310229, -71.853479
Parking GPS Coordinates: 41.310229, -71.853479
Parking Notes: The Ocean House has it’s own parking lot for guests, but there are nearby options. There is roadside parking on Bay Street and a public lot located in front of the Watch Hill Yacht Club.

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