Old Farm Trail Cars

Northborough, Massachusetts
The abandoned Old Farm Trail Cars can be found in Northborough, Massachusetts. These half-dozen vintage cars sit along the Old Farm Trail.
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The abandoned Old Farm Trail Cars can be found in Northborough, Massachusetts. These half-dozen vintage cars sit along the Old Farm Trail. There is a 1953 Oldsmobile 88 two-door coupe, a 1941 Buick, a truck, and at least three others. The car remains are located along Old Farm Trail, which is a 1.2-mile out-and-back path that runs along Stirrup Brook. The cars have been a mystery for many years considering they are literally sitting right in the forest among the trees. There are no roads even remotely close to the site of the cars, leading some to think they were dropped from the heavens. But what’s the answer to this Massachusetts Mystery?

The cars were placed in the woods by two stepbrothers, Allan Bezanson and Don Haitsma who are now in their 80s. Allan and Don grew up on Stirrup Brook Farm in Northborough which was a dairy, corn, and hay farm. The farm was originally located on the land before the Old Farm Trail was built and the land became public. This occurred in 2001 when Northborough began building a trail network on private and public land.

The brothers grew up working on the farm and as a way of having fun, they built tracks through the woods where they could race old and cheap cars. Despite not even having driver’s license when they began, the boys had an awesome time in the woods driving cars. Once graduating high school and obtaining a license, Don Haitsma purchased a 1953 Oldsmobile which had a sky blue paint job. The car was not great due to its terrible transmission which had defective reverse gears. Don got so mad about the car not being able to be reversed, that he decided to drive it into the woods and ditch it. This then became a standard practice among the brothers when they were done using cars.  Over the years, several other cars were added – some in the 1950s and others in the 1960s.

The abandoned cars have been sitting in the woods of Northborough for many decades now. In fact, the forest has grown sustainably over the years and completely filled in the paths that Don and Allan once made to race cars. The dense tree covering around the vehicles adds to their obscurity. Today, the cars remain and always stop walkers in their tracks!

The trail to the cars is about 0.6 miles one-way. It is super flat and family-friendly. Dogs are welcome as well!


Address: Boundary Street, Northborough, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.336111, -71.614889
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.336111, -71.614889
Parking Notes: There is a large dirt parking lot located off Boundary Street at the Old Farm Trail trailhead. Parking is free.

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