West Boylston, Massachusetts

Constructed in 1891, the Old Stone Church in West Boylston, Massachusetts, stands as a striking testament to both history and architectural beauty.

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The Old Stone Church in West Boylston, Massachusetts, stands as a striking testament to both history and architectural beauty. Constructed in 1891, it was commissioned to replace the second church of the Baptist Society in West Boylston, which tragically succumbed to a fire in 1890. This historic structure has since become an icon and a beloved destination for photographers, sightseers, and artists due to its breathtaking location and simple yet captivating design.

Perched majestically beside the serene waters, the Old Stone Church enjoys a picturesque setting along the shores of West Boylston's Wachusett Reservoir. Its unassuming elegance and the dramatic backdrop of the reservoir make it an enticing subject for photographers and painters. Adding a touch of grandeur to its exterior, a massive American flag waves proudly by its side, enhancing its picturesque allure. Whether you are a churchgoer or not, a visit to this waterside gem is sure to be a memorable experience.

In recognition of its historical and architectural significance, the Old Stone Church earned a prestigious place on the National Register of Historic Places on April 13, 1973. This designation is a noteworthy honor, acknowledging the church's role in preserving the cultural heritage of West Boylston and the broader Massachusetts community. It ensures that the church's historical value and architectural charm are protected for generations to come. The reference number for the church is 73000329.

The Old Stone Church has experienced its share of challenges over the years. In 1974, the state allocated $87,000 for the critical reinforcement of its roof and walls. Tragically, the roof and three walls collapsed the following month, necessitating a comprehensive reconstruction effort, which was successfully completed in the spring of 1977. The church's rebirth culminated in a special event, the Rededication of the Old Stone Church, held on September 25, 1983, marking the Town of West Boylston's 175th Anniversary of Incorporation.

Today, the interior of the Old Stone Church stands empty, providing an open canvas for visitors to explore and appreciate its historical and architectural significance. The church welcomes guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week, ensuring that its unique charm can be appreciated at any time, day or night. Simply park along Beaman Street and then walk a few hundred feet down to the church.

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130 Beaman Street, West Boylston, Massachusetts

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42.375040, -71.782895
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There is ample free parking on the road at 130 Beaman Street. Visitors can then walk a few hundred feet to the Old Stone Church.


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