Piper Mountain

Gilford, New Hampshire
Standing proudly at 2,044 feet, Piper Mountain boasts an accessible summit, stunning panoramic views, and pristine serenity.
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Nestled in the heart of the Lakes Region, Piper Mountain is a breathtaking hidden gem that beckons to those seeking a tranquil escape. Standing proudly at 2,044 feet, this lesser-known peak boasts an accessible summit, stunning panoramic views, and a pristine serenity that eludes the more popular trails in the vicinity.

Piper Mountain’s distinct allure lies in its unassuming nature, making it a haven for those in search of a less crowded and more intimate hiking experience. With a clean prominence of 224 feet, the mountain’s long ridge unfolds with large pockets of exposed ledges, creating perfect observation points to marvel at the natural beauty that surrounds it.

From its western vantage point, Piper Mountain offers a spectacular panorama that includes the sparkling waters of Lake Winnisquam, the majesty of Mountain Kearsarge, the rugged allure of Ragged Mountain, and even the distant silhouette of the Green Mountains. It’s a visual feast that rivals, if not surpasses, better-known peaks in the region.

What sets Piper Mountain apart is not just its panoramic vistas but also its accessibility. Situated near the more renowned Belknap Mountain and Mount Major, Piper Mountain stands out as a hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Surprisingly easier to climb than its counterparts, Piper Mountain boasts a quick and accessible route to its summit—the Piper Mountain Trail (Lower Carriage Road).

The trailhead, conveniently located just after the gate on Carriage Road, invites hikers to embark on a year-round adventure. With ample parking and a trailhead positioned just beyond the road bridge on the right, the Piper Mountain Trail unfolds as a 2.8-mile out-and-back journey, featuring a gradual ascent with a few moderately steep sections towards the summit. One clear path guides the way, ensuring a straightforward and well-traveled trail that’s easy to follow.

Piper Mountain also welcomes leashed dogs, making it an ideal destination for four-legged companions and their human counterparts. As you ascend, the anticipation builds, culminating in a summit experience that transcends expectations.

For the adventurous souls, consider extending your journey to neighboring summits. Belknap Mountain, with its iconic fire tower, Whiteface Mountain, and Swett Mountain are all within reach, offering a diverse range of trails and landscapes to explore.

Whether you seek a serene escape, panoramic views, or an introduction to the hidden wonders of the Lakes Region, Piper Mountain beckons with open arms. Embrace the allure of this lesser-known gem, and let the trails unfold a story of natural beauty and tranquility.


Address: Carriage Road, Gilford, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.504222, -71.377278
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.504222, -71.377278
Parking Notes: Hikers can park in the parking area just behind the gate on Carriage Road and walk a few hundred feet to the trailhead, which is located just after the road bridge on the right. Parking is free at the trailhead.

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