Lincoln, Massachusetts
In the charming town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, lies a peculiar and whimsical attraction known as Ponyhenge.
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In the charming town of Lincoln, Massachusetts, lies a peculiar and whimsical attraction known as Ponyhenge. Situated on a small patch of pasture along the picturesque Old Sudbury Road, this enchanting site is home to a collection of broken-down rocking horses, plastic ponies, and various other equine toys, forming what locals affectionately refer to as “Ponyhenge.”

The origins of Ponyhenge are shrouded in mystery, adding to its allure. It all began around 2010 when a lone hobby horse mysteriously appeared along Old Sudbury Road. How and why it appeared remains a puzzle, with stories ranging from remnants of a lemonade stand to a leftover Christmas display. Regardless of its origins, the arrival of the first horse marked the beginning of something truly unusual.

As if by magic, more horses started appearing at the site, arranged in different configurations—sometimes in circles, sometimes in rows, and other times scattered about as if they had a wild night of revelry. The herd has been steadily growing over the years, with twice as many horses dotting the landscape today compared to a few years ago. Yet, curiously, no one seems to remove them. Instead, the collection continues to evolve and expand, much to the delight of the family that owns the land.

The story of Ponyhenge is a testament to the creativity and whimsy of the community. What began with just a few horses has blossomed into a collaborative effort, with various individuals contributing to the ever-changing installation. Today, Ponyhenge boasts a diverse array of horses, from plastic to wooden, modern to antique. Each horse has its own unique character, adding to the charm of this delightful attraction.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Ponyhenge is its ever-changing nature. The horses are known to change positions unexpectedly, with no one quite sure who orchestrates these movements. Sometimes, they are arranged into groups or formations, reflecting current events or seasonal themes. Whether draped in lights for Christmas or buried under snow during winter, Ponyhenge continues to captivate visitors with its whimsical charm.

As visitors explore Ponyhenge, they are transported to a world of imagination and wonder. It’s a place where the ordinary becomes extraordinary, where discarded toys find new life in an enchanting tableau. In the town of Lincoln, Ponyhenge stands as a testament to the community’s creativity and sense of whimsy, reminding us all to embrace the magic of the unexpected.


Address: 47 Old Sudbury Road, Lincoln, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.401333, -71.329167
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.401333, -71.329167
Parking Notes: There are a few pullover spaces along Old Sudbury Road right in front of Ponyhenge. Be sure to only use the permitted parking spaces and obey any “no parking” signs. Be very respectful while parking and exploring because this is private property. Although visitors are allowed, this status could change if people are not respectful to the display.

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