Rattle River Falls

Shelburne, New Hampshire
Rattle River Falls is a beautiful waterfall in Shelburne, New Hampshire. It drops 15 feet and features excellent swimming pools.
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Rattle River Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Shelburne, New Hampshire. The waterfall has a total height of 15 feet. It can be found right along the Rattle River which flows well year-round. That said, it flows strongest during the spring when the snow melts. Visitors hoping to see the falls in full force should visit during the months of March, April, and May.

The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of slides and small cascades. Although the waterfall just drops 15 feet, it does so over a long slope. There are many pools at the falls that are excellent for swimming in during the summer months. They also make the falls a joy to photograph.

Although few people know about the falls, they are well worth seeking out. Accessing them is relatively simple. Visitors can park at the Rattle River Trailhead located off US Route 2 in Shelburne. Then the hike to the falls is 1.6 miles. Ultimately, to hike out and back, the journey is 3.2 miles and it consists of 340 miles of elevation gain. Dogs are welcome on the trail and at the falls.


Address: Shelburne, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.380250, -71.108056
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.380250, -71.108056
Parking Notes: Parking is available at the Rattle River Trailhead right off US Route 2. The lot can hold about 15 cars.

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