Riverton Falls

Berlin, Vermont
Riverton Falls is a little waterfall in Berlin, Vermont. The falls drop about 5 feet and feature one of the state’s best swimming holes.
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Riverton Falls is a nice little waterfall located in Berlin, Vermont. The waterfall drops just about 5 feet and it can be found along Dog River. Dog River is a beautiful river that flows pretty well year-round. That said, the river truly roars during the spring when the snow is melting and running off into it. For this reason, it is wise to visit the waterfall during the months of April, May, and June to see it at peak flow. That said, the waterfall is still fun to visit on any day of the year.

The waterfall itself drops in a series of cascades. These cascades are surrounded on both sides by large rock formations. In the background, there is a railroad bridge. Capturing the bridge plus the waterfall can make for a great photo!

Another highlight of this waterfall is the large pool at its base. The Vermont River Conservatory refers to the pool as the “Jacuzzi” because of its incredible swimming. Visitors can enjoy swimming in this deep and clear swimming hole during the summer months.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy. The waterfall is located in the Dog River Natural Area which is a well-maintained park with a great trail and amenities. Visitors can park at the trailhead right next to the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department along Vermont Route 12. From the parking area, explorers can hike along the river for about 0.60 to the falls.


Address: Vermont Route 12, Berlin, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 44.192167, -72.639194
Parking GPS Coordinates: 44.192167, -72.639194
Parking Notes: Park adjacent to the Berlin Volunteer Fire Department building along Route 12. The trailhead can be found here.

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