Rutland State Prison


The abandoned Rutland State Prison in Rutland, Massachusetts was once a bustling center of criminal justice and punishment. The prison was built in 1903 and was used as a correctional facility for decades. Prisoners at Rutland were often minor offenders convicted of things like being a drunkard or petty thieves. 

Many of the prisoners were put to work raising livestock and farm fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables were often used to feed the prisoners themselves. Milk produced at the prison was consumed on-premises and also sold throughout the region. As time went on a tuberculosis hospital was constructed on the property to treat sufferers of consumption.

The prison was eventually abandoned in 1934 because of poor drainage. Today, the abandoned prison has been added as part of the Barre Falls Wildlife Management Area and it is open to the public for exploration. The overgrown grounds, crumbling walls, and eerie atmosphere make it a fascinating place to explore. It is a reminder of a bygone era.

There are at least two structures remaining which are super unique and fun to explore. The vegetable cellar can be seen under a mount of earth. It is open and visitors can walk inside and see where many of the prisoners’ products were stored. Additionally, the solitary confinement cells can still be seen just a few hundred feet from the cellar. The walls of the cells remain standing, while many of the roofs have caved in. It is wild to think of prisoners being held up in these tiny cells when they displayed poor behavior. 



  • Year Built: 1903 
  • Year Abandoned: 1934
  • Original Function: State prison, often for minor offenders


  • Address: 299 Intervale Road
  • Town: Rutland
  • State: Massachusetts
  • GPS:
    • Lat 42.401336 Lng -72.0027722 (Vegetable cellar)
    • Lat 42.401151 Lng -72.0017402 (Solitary confinement cells)
  • Parking notes: There is parking available at the end of Intervale Road. The road is dirt and very bumpy. It is best to have a four-wheel drive vehicle to travel down the road. 
  • Parking directions: HERE
  • Location directions:
    • HERE (Vegetable cellar)
    • HERE (Solitary confinement cells)


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