Siasconset Union Chapel

Nantucket, Massachusetts
In the quaint village of ‘Sconset in Nantucket, Massachusetts, stands the Siasconset Union Chapel, an enduring symbol of faith and community.
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In the quaint village of ‘Sconset in Nantucket, Massachusetts, stands the Siasconset Union Chapel, an enduring symbol of faith and community. Established in 1883, the chapel was conceived as an ecumenical “House of Worship,” and over the decades, it has played host to both Protestant and Roman Catholic services. Beyond its religious significance, the chapel is also a hub for communal activities where prayers, songs, marriages, reflections, and enduring friendships have all found a home.

The Chapel property is more than just a building for worship. It encompasses the chapel itself, a parsonage, a community green, and the serene memorial gardens equipped with a Columbarium. These different elements, together, create an environment of tranquility and reflection for all who visit.

In recognition of its historical and architectural significance, the Siasconset Union Chapel was granted a historic preservation restriction by the Massachusetts Historical Commission in 2007. This distinction ensures that the chapel’s heritage and its iconic structure will be preserved for future generations, retaining its original charm and character.

A visit to the chapel during the spring and summer months is particularly enchanting. The hydrangeas that encircle the building burst into full bloom, enveloping the chapel in a riot of colors and making it a picture-perfect setting. Although there’s no designated parking lot for the chapel, visitors need not worry. Just a short 2-minute walk away, the ‘Sconset Market at 4 Main Street offers over a dozen parking spots, providing easy access to the chapel.

And while you’re in ‘Sconset, it’s hard to resist the allure of the iconic Sankaty Head Lighthouse. Standing tall just 1.5 miles from the chapel, this historic beacon offers breathtaking views and provides another testament to the rich history and natural beauty of Nantucket. Whether you’re drawn to the spiritual atmosphere of the chapel or the history and scenic beauty of ‘Sconset, there’s no denying that this corner of Nantucket is truly special.


Address: 18 New Street, Nantucket, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 41.262844, -69.966192
Parking GPS Coordinates: 41.262844, -69.966192
Parking Notes: There is no official parking lot for the Siasconset Union Chapel. There are over a dozen parking spots at the ‘Sconset Market at 4 Main Street which are only a 2 minute walk from the chapel.

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