Site of the Brink’s Robbery of 1950

Boston, Massachusetts
In 1950, the city of Boston was shaken by one of the most audacious and infamous heists in American history – the North End Brink’s Robbery.
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The year was 1950, and the city of Boston was about to be shaken to its core by one of the most audacious and infamous heists in American history – the Brink’s Robbery. What was initially considered the “crime of the century” would puzzle investigators, captivate the public’s imagination, and become a daring tale of cunning robbers and a relentless pursuit of justice.

The Heist – A Bold Caper:
On January 17, 1950, a group of armed men executed an elaborate plan to rob the Brink’s armored car depot in Boston. Wearing disguises, including chauffeur’s caps, gloves, masks, and rubber-soled shoes, they infiltrated the building with precision, leaving the employees bound and gagged before making their getaway with over $2.7 million in cash, checks, money orders, and securities.

The Pursuit – A Cat and Mouse Game:
The brazen robbers managed to evade immediate capture, leaving little evidence behind. The FBI was faced with the daunting task of chasing elusive leads and identifying the culprits from a pool of possible suspects. Rumors swirled within the underworld, pointing fingers at various criminal gangs, but the scarcity of witnesses and evidence thwarted the investigation’s progress.

The Breakthrough – A Confession Unravels the Mystery:
Years passed, and the case remained unsolved, but the FBI refused to give up. Finally, in January 1956, a pivotal breakthrough occurred when one of the robbers, Joseph James O’Keefe, decided to come clean and confess to the crime. He revealed how the gang had meticulously planned the robbery, spending months casing the Brink’s building to ensure its success. With O’Keefe’s confession, investigators began to piece together the full story of the audacious heist.

Justice Served – The Trials and Convictions:
Following O’Keefe’s confession, a state grand jury indicted 11 men for their involvement in the robbery. O’Keefe pleaded guilty, while the remaining eight members of the Brink’s gang faced trial. The courtroom drama culminated on October 5, 1956, when the jury delivered its verdict, finding all eight defendants guilty of their roles in the infamous heist.

Legacy – An Unforgettable Crime:
The Brink’s Robbery of 1950 left an indelible mark on Boston’s history. The audacity of the robbery, the tireless pursuit of justice by law enforcement, and the riveting courtroom drama captivated the nation. It became a symbol of daring criminality and the relentless determination of those tasked with upholding the law. Decades later, the Brink’s Robbery still holds its place as one of the most captivating and significant crimes in American history. Only $58,000 of the $2.7 million was recovered.

The Brink’s Robbery of 1950 is a gripping tale of a brazen heist that took place in the heart of Boston. With a meticulous plan, the daring robbers managed to evade capture for years, leaving the authorities and the public astounded by their audacity. The eventual confession of one of the gang members brought the case to a resolution, leading to the convictions of the perpetrators. The Brink’s Robbery remains an enduring chapter in Boston’s history, a reminder of a time when criminals tested the limits of law enforcement, leaving an unforgettable mark on the city’s past.

Brinks later moved out of the building and today it is a parking garage named the North End Garage. It is crazy to walk by this structure and imagine how significant of an event occurred here.


Address: 600 Commercial Street, Boston, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.367194, -71.057361
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.367194, -71.057361
Parking Notes: Parking is available right inside the building which is now the North End Garage.

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