South Branch Falls


South Branch Falls is a nice roadside waterfall located in Montgomery, Vermont. The waterfall has a total height of approximately 25 feet and it can be found along the South Branch of the Trout River. This river features pretty good water flow year-round, but it truly flows strongest during spring when the snow melts. Considering the water flow is often greatest in the spring, the months of March, April, and May are recommended for visitors hoping to see the falls roar. That said, South Branch Falls are so easy to locate that they are great to visit year-round.

The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of cascades. There are two main drops that make up the falls. The upper fall can be seen to the south of the Gibou Road bridge. These upper falls drop 10 feet into a large shallow pool. The lower falls can be seen just north of the bridge. They drop about 15 feet into a steep and interesting gorge. 

Accessing the waterfall is super easy. The falls are located just off Gibou Road in Montgomery. Sadly, they both are situated on private property and the public is not welcome on the land. For this reason, they can only be admired from the road. There is a bridge spanning the South Branch of the Trout River and this is the ideal vantage point to see both of the drops.

Visitors are welcome to park on the side of the road and then walk to the bridge to see the falls. Parking is available right in front of the historic Hectorville Covered Bridge, which is well worth checking out as well. Ultimately, this is an extremely easy waterfall to see and it is just a few hundred feet from VT-118. It’s a great waterfall to admire for people of all ages and abilities!


Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 25-foot total drop
  • Type: Cascades
  • Water Source: South Branch of the Trout River
  • Swimming: Not allowed

South Branch Falls Location

  • Park: Sadly, the falls are located on private property. No public park has been established. Must view falls from the roadside.
  • Address: Gibou Road
  • Town: Montgomery
  • State: Vermont
  • GPS: 44.853090, -72.613248
  • Parking Notes: Visitors can park along the side of Gibou Road and then walk on the road until the falls are visible. The upper falls are located a few hundred feet to the south. The lower falls can be seen right under the bridge.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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