Stevens Branch Falls


Stevens Branch Falls is a pretty little waterfall located in Barre, Vermont. The waterfall drops about 12 feet and it can be found along its namesake river, Stevens Branch. Stevens Branch features a large watershed and this means that it is often flowing strong year-round. It drops via a series of nice cascades. At the base of the falls is a nice large pool that could be good for swimming. Do some more research before swimming here though.

Accessing the waterfall is relatively easy. The waterfall is located on town-owned property, but no proper park has been established. Although there are no proper trails leading to the falls, there are some paths that have been established over the years. Visitors can park in the dirt parking lot located just off South Barre Road. From there, explorers can opt to see the falls from either side of the brook. 

The viewpoint from the southern edge of the brook can be accessed by walking down a dirt road from the parking area. This walk is only about 0.1 of a mile. To view the falls from the northern edge of the brook, explorers can walk along the Barre Bike Path and then scatter down to the falls. This is a long route and requires a lot of bushwhacking. If you are going to visit the falls, it is best to opt for Option A. 

It should be noted that poison ivy is frequently found along the brook near the falls. Take caution.


Waterfall Specs

  • Height: 12 feet
  • Type: Cascades
  • Water Source: Stevens Branch
  • Swimming: Good

Stevens Branch Falls Location

  • Park: Town-owned property
  • Address: South Barre Road / VT-14
  • Town: Barre
  • State: Vermont
  • GPS: 44.180070, -72.505364
  • Parking Notes: There is a parking area located just off South Barre Road. It is on land owned by the town, but it is in pretty rough shape. Parking is free.
  • Parking Directions: HERE
  • Location Directions: HERE


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