The Knob

Falmouth, Massachusetts
The Knob in Falmouth is celebrated as one of Cape Cod’s most cherished destinations, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and maritime allure.
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In the serene coastal town of Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a hidden treasure awaits – “The Knob.” This captivating spot is celebrated as one of Cape Cod’s most cherished destinations, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty and maritime allure. The Knob unfolds as a magical peninsula, extending gracefully into the embrace of Buzzards Bay, with Quissett Harbor nestling to the east. This serene haven captures the essence of Cape Cod’s unique charm, beckoning adventurers and nature enthusiasts to explore its every nook and cranny.

Managed by the Quissett Harbor Preservation Trust, The Knob encompasses a 12-acre wooded expanse, crisscrossed by winding trails, pristine beaches for leisurely strolls, and inviting benches for moments of contemplation. Here, visitors can enjoy leisurely walks, lose themselves in captivating reads, capture frame-worthy photographs, and bask in the warm caress of the sun.

As a guardian against the elements, The Knob is exposed to the relentless forces of Buzzards Bay’s storms and rising sea levels. In recognition of its vulnerability, the Quissett Harbor Preservation Trust initiated a noble mission in 2021, raising over $800,000 to fortify the most susceptible sections of this precious peninsula. This dedication to preserving The Knob’s natural beauty inspires many visitors to contribute to its conservation.

For those with canine companions, The Knob welcomes dogs, provided they remain leashed at all times while exploring this pristine landscape.

Conveniently located on Quisset Harbor Road, just in front of the Quissett Yacht Club, The Knob’s parking area accommodates approximately 15-20 cars, and the best part is that parking is complimentary. However, it’s advisable to plan your visit carefully, especially during the bustling summer months when the lot tends to fill up quickly.

As you traverse the enchanting trails, embrace the scenic beauty, and feel the soothing sea breeze at The Knob, you’ll understand why this hidden gem is so ardently cherished and diligently safeguarded. It’s a place where the Cape Cod experience unfolds in all its splendid glory, leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts of all who venture here.


Address: Quissett Harbor Road, Falmouth, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 41.542262, -70.661316
Parking GPS Coordinates: 41.542262, -70.661316
Parking Notes: The parking area is located on Quisset Harbor Road, right in front of the Quissett Yacht Club. There are space for about 15-20 cars and parking is free. The lot does fill up often, especially during the summer.

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