Twin Cascades

Florida, Massachusetts
Twin Cascades is one of the greatest waterfalls in Massachusetts. It features two waterfalls which converge. They drop 90 and 60 feet.
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Twin Cascades is one of the greatest waterfalls in Massachusetts. It is located in the small town of Florida, Massachusetts in Berkshire County. There are actually two waterfalls that make up Twin Cascades, hence its name. The larger waterfall is located just a few yards west of the smaller waterfall. The larger waterfall is located along Cascade Brook and it drops about 90 feet. The smaller waterfall is located along a small tributary of the Cascade Brook and it drops 60 feet. Both waterfalls are massive and extremely impressive. They both feature a lovely display of cascades and plunges. Although the best time to visit is the spring, the falls have been known to flow pretty steadily all year round.

Accessing Twin Cascades is rather straightforward. There is parking for the waterfalls located along River Road in Florida. The parking area is right in front of the eastern portal of the Hoosac Tunnel. After parking, visitors should walk to the right of the tunnel where they will find the Cascade Brook Trailhead. Follow the trail along the brook for about a quarter mile until reaching the falls. The out-and-back trail does get narrow and steep at times. Additionally, if you want to get to the base of the Twin Cascades, you will have to climb some rocks. Nothing too intense, but it will require some athleticism to get to the base of the falls.

Please note, that Twin Cascades is a waterfall located on private property. Visitors have always been welcome to check out the waterfall, but please be respectful so this can continue for years to come. Twin Cascades are so beautiful so be sure to carry out what you take in. If you see any trash, be sure to pick it up too. Thank you for keeping New England beautiful!


Address: River Road, Florida, Massachusetts
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.676472, -73.002333
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.676472, -73.002333
Parking Notes: There is a large dirt parking area just off River Road in Florida, Massachusetts. The parking lot is located right in front of the Hoosac Tunnel eastern portal. Parking is free. It is private property, but visitors have been welcomed for years now. Just please be extremely respectful of the land.

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