Willard Covered Bridge

Hartland, Vermont
The Willard Covered Bridge in the village of North Hartland is a testament to Hartland, Vermont’s rich architectural and historical heritage.
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The Willard Covered Bridge in the village of North Hartland is a testament to Hartland, Vermont’s rich architectural and historical heritage. Nestled over the Ottauquechee River, the bridge, along with its newer twin, forms an intrinsic part of the local landscape and the community’s heart.

This quaint bridge, with its roots tracing back to around 1870, stands as an emblem of 19th-century engineering prowess. Its unique Town lattice truss, spanning 123 feet, and the details like the gable ends extending beyond the trusses, echo the craftsmanship of a bygone era. The vertical board siding and the two square openings on each side further enhance its aesthetic appeal. While the Willard Bridge exudes historical charm, the western bridge, built in 2001, mirrors modern architectural tastes, making the pair a blend of the old and the new.

One of the standout features of the Willard Covered Bridge is its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973, under the reference number 73000216. Being listed on this Register is a mark of honor and prestige. It signifies that the bridge holds considerable significance in the nation’s history, architecture, archeology, engineering, and culture. It not only ensures that the bridge’s historical and architectural integrity is preserved for future generations but also brings attention to its importance, leading to increased appreciation and tourism.

In addition to its historical and architectural value, the Willard Bridge and its twin are functional, providing a connection across the Ottauquechee River. But as with all historic structures, care must be taken. Drivers are encouraged to approach with caution, given that only one car can traverse the bridge at a time. Those who prefer a leisurely walk can amble through, but they too must be wary of passing vehicles. A rewarding sight awaits beneath these bridges – the mesmerizing waterfalls, which enhance the scenic beauty of the location.

For those planning to visit, parking may pose a slight challenge due to its limited availability. However, a small dirt parking space near the west entrance offers a spot to leave one’s vehicle and embark on an exploration of this architectural marvel.

In essence, the Willard Covered Bridge is more than just a passage over a river. It’s a bridge to the past, a reflection of Hartland’s rich legacy, and a reminder of the importance of preserving such historical treasures for future generations.


Address: Mill Street, Hartland, Vermont
Place GPS Coordinates: 43.593778, -72.349472
Parking GPS Coordinates: 43.593778, -72.349472
Parking Notes: Parking for Willard Covered Bridge is limited. There is a small dirt parking area at the west entrance of the bridge.

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