Yankee Siege Amusement Park

Greenfield, New Hampshire
The Yankee Siege is an abandoned Amusement Park in Greenfield, New Hampshire. The park was built in 2004 and abandoned in the early 2010s.
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The Yankee Siege is an abandoned Amusement Park located in Greenfield, New Hampshire. The amusement park was established in 2004 after a local farmer named Steven Seigar was inspired by a PBS documentary on medieval weaponry. The documentary was produced by NOVA and it highlighted the usage of 12th-century war devices called trebuchets. Seigar went about constructing a whole medieval village compound complete with a mini castle, stone tower, mace, and, of course, a trebuchet. He believed that this amusement park could help bring more traffic to his nearby farmstand.

The trebuchet Seigar constructed was no basic device. He set out to build the greatest trebuchet in the world. It stood 6 stories tall and specialized in throwing pumpkins thousands of feet. Seigar entered some pumpkin throwing competitions and his trebuchet set the world record for the longest throw at 2,835 feet. Although the trebuchet was a massive success, the park did not receive the necessary traffic to be successful. Seigar closed down the park in the early 2010s. Today, the park sits abandoned and many of the original structures remain. It can be found right along New Boston Road in Greenfield with the trebuchet in view from the road.


Address: New Boston Road, Greenfield, New Hampshire
Place GPS Coordinates: 42.920694, -71.841611
Parking GPS Coordinates: 42.920694, -71.841611
Parking Notes: Parking is available along New Boston Road.

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