GoXplr Premium (Coming Soon!)

Welcome to GoXplr Premium! 

GoXplr is one a mission to help people explore better and explore more. We have thousands of places featured on our maps all around New England. This premium subscription channel is for our hidden gems which we do not want to publicly share on our site or social media accounts. These are often places that cannot handle a large influx of visitors and are also places that need to be treated with respect – for example, not getting trashed, covered in graffiti, etc. 

Consider subscribing to the GoXplr Substack Page for $20 a year. 

*Please note that subscribing to our Substack will give you early access to our favorite hidden-gems. We may share them publicly in the future, but often not for months after posting on Substack. We want Substack subscribers to be the first people to know!

What do receive for $20 a year? 

You will receive access to our Substack Channel where we will share 3-4 extremely interesting locations each month. All locations shared are not well-known. These locations will often be forgotten and abandoned locations. Think of things such as abandoned ruins, mills, highways, farms, etc. All locations will be accompanied by a well-written overview on the history of the locations, tons of photos, and advice on exploring the location.

A email will be sent to you whenever we post on Substack!

You will also receive access to chat with us through Substack. We are happy to provide extra information on locations covered and also answer any other questions you may have about exploring.

Thank You!

Subscribing will also help us continue to keep the GoXplr website live, enrich our maps and blogs, and produce new social media videos. Thank you so much for supporting GoXplr!

New locations shared on our premium Substack: