12 Best Places To View Sunsets In Rhode Island

Finding a good sunset location in Rhode Island is rather easy thanks to the 400 miles of shoreline that the Ocean State has. This blog post is a compilation of some of the best places to capture Rhode Island sunsets. In the comments, please let us know your favorite Rhode Island sunset locations! (We will continue adding more sunset locations to this list)

Bannister’s Wharf

Bannister’s Wharf has been the main hub of Newport since 1742 and today attracts thousands of visitors each year. The wharf boasts waterfront lodging, great restaurants, lively nightlife, and a unique shopping experience. It also is a great place to dock a boat as there are 30-slips in Bannister’s Wharf Marina. Head down to the wharf during the evening to watch the sun light up the sky!

Castle Hill Lighthouse

Castle Hill Lighthouse is located at the end of the historic Ocean Drive on Narragansett Bay in Newport, Rhode Island. The lighthouse has severed as an aid for ships passing through the East Passage of Narragansett Bay since 1890. It is a very unique lighthouse because it is built right into a cliff face and it almost seems like part of the natural landscape. The lighthouse can be accessed via several short trails and is a great Rhode Island sunset spot!

Fort Adams State Park

Fort Adams State Park is a public recreation and historic area in Newport, Rhode Island, that preserves Fort Adams, a huge coastal stronghold that was operational from 1841 through the first half of the twentieth century. The fort offers panoramic views of Newport Harbor and Narragansett Bay. Don’t miss this beautiful Rhode Island sunset location!

Goat Island Lighthouse

Newport Harbor Lighthouse, also known as Goat Island Lighthouse, is a beautiful lighthouse that stands on Goat Island in Newport. Goat Island is connected to Newport via a short bridge that can be walked over. This bridge is a great viewpoint to capture the lighthouse, Newport Bridge, and a sunset!

Herreshoff Marine Museum

The Herreshoff Marine Museum is a nautical museum dedicated to the history of the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, yachting, and America’s Cup, and is located in Bristol, Rhode Island. The Herreshoff Manufacturing Company (1878–1945) was most known for its sailing yachts and steam-powered vessels, including eight America’s Cup defenders. The museum has a lovely pier that offers some of the best sunset views in Rhode Island!

Hog Island Shoal Light

Hog Island Shoal Light, built in 1901, is a sparkplug lighthouse on a shoal off of Hog Island, Rhode Island. The light was converted from kerosene to electricity in 1959 with the laying of a submarine cable. It was among the last lights in the nation to be electrified. The lighthouse can be best seen from the Mount Hope Bridge Area at sunset!

Napatree Point

Napatree Point Conservation Area in Rhode Island, often known as Napatree, is a long sandy spit formed by longshore drift, a geologic process. Napatree was sickle-shaped until the hurricane of 1938 and had a 1.5-mile-long northern extension known as Sandy Point. Today, Napatree is one of the best places to view sunsets in Southern Country Rhode Island.

Newport Bridge

The Claiborne Pell Bridge, often known as the Newport Bridge, is a suspension bridge in Rhode Island that spans the Narragansett Bay’s, East Passage. The 11,000+ ft. bridge is a great feature to capture during sunsets. Sunsets can be best seen from the Van Zandt Pier, John J. Martins Memorial Park, and Battery Park – all in Newport, RI!

Providence Skyline

Providence is the capital city of Rhode Island and the city’s skyline can be a great sight to capture during sunsets. One of the best spots to watch Providence sunsets is the Greenway (across from 345 South Water St, PVD). 

Sabin Point Park

Sabin Point Park is a beautiful park in East Providence that features 7-acres with picnic tables, benches, a playground, and a fishing pier. The area is very popular for fishing and also for photography. Check out the park during the evening to witness a beautiful sunset over the Providence River.

Sakonnet Harbor

Sakonnet Harbor is a beautiful harbor in Little Compton, MA. The harbor is home to the Sakonnet Yacht Club and the Sakonnet Point Club. It is common to see many sailboats around the harbor due to the yacht club and many moorings. It is well worth it to venture to the harbor to catch the sunset!

Watch Hill Yacht Club

The Watch Hill Yacht Club offers some of the greatest sunset views in the state of Rhode Island. The yacht club is situated at the most western location Rhode Island and offers sweeping views of the harbor and beyond!

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