14 Best Places To Capture Rhode Island Foliage This Fall


Rhode Island fall foliage is so beautiful. The Ocean State may be known for its seemly endless coastline and coastal views, but in the fall there are some stunning spots to capture the foliage. Here are a few of the greatest spots:

#1 – Olney Pond (Lincoln, RI)

Olney Pond is a beautiful 128-acre reservoir that sits in the heart of Lincoln Woods State Park. The pond is located just a few miles North of downtown Providence and it is well worth seeking out in the fall to see the leaves change.

#2 – Audubon George Parker Woodland Wildlife Refuge (Coventry, RI)

The Audubon George Parker Woodland Wildlife Refuge is a great place to catch the leaves changing. I recommend taking the George B. Parker Woodland Trail which is a 6.1 loop trail that will take you around the refuge and allow you to enjoy all the fall foliage. Find out more info on the refuge HERE

#3 – Big River State Management Area (West Greenwich, RI)

Big River State Management Area is another great spot to capture fall foliage in Rhode Island. Big River consists of 8,319 acres and many trails. It’s a great spot to roam and experience fall in Rhode Island.

#4 – Arcadia Management Area (Richmond, Exeter, Hopkinton, and West Greenwich, RI)

Arcadia Management Area needs no introduction. The area consists of over 14,000 acres of mostly forest and it is popular during all seasons. The park is frequented by hikers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, fishers, and more. In the fall, photographers can catch some pretty stunning views of the leaves changing.

#5 – Burlingame State Park (Charlestown, RI)

The 3,100 acre Burlingame State Park surrounds Watchaug Pond in Charlestown, Rhode Island. The state park features hundreds of rustic campsites and 20 cabins along with a playground, beach, hiking trail system, and more. In the fall visitors can walk a trail o along the pond to see glorious fall foliage scenes.

#6 – Goddard Memorial State Park (Warwick, RI)

Goddard Memorial State Park is one of the most popular parks in Rhode Island. The park contains about 490 acres along the shores of Greenwich Cove and Greenwich Bay in Warwick, Rhode Island. The park has sweeping water views, beautiful trails, and plenty of gorgeous trees which really shine in the fall.

#7 – Roger Williams Park (Providence, RI)

Roger Williams Park in Providence has been a popular attraction for over 100 years. Each year, over a million people enjoy the beautifully maintained 435-acre park. Visit in the fall to catch all of the trees changing which makes the park even more magical!

#8 – Ninigret Pond (Charlestown, RI)

Ninigret Pond in Charlestown is the largest salt pond in Rhode Island and there are over 3 miles of nature trails around the pond. In the fall, the pond and surrounding trails look amazing with the yellow, orange, and red leaves.

#9 – Warwick City Dog Park (Warwick, RI)

Warwick City Dog Park is not only a great place to walk your dog, it is also a great place to capture fall foliage. Head over to the dog park and capture beautiful scenes of the backroads with the leaves changing.

#10 – Brown University (Providence, RI)

Brown University not only has great academics, but it also has a beautiful campus that looks even prettier in the fall when the leaves change.

#11 – Benefit Street (Providence, RI)

Providence is home to many beautiful streets and one of my favorites to find fall foliage scenes is Benefit Street. Don’t miss this spot!

#12 – Swamp Meadow Bridge (Foster, RI)

Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge is thought to be the only covered bridge in Rhode Island and it is glorious. Located in Foster, Rhode Island, the bridge crosses over Hemlock Brook and was constructed in 1994. Head over to the bridge in the fall season to capture some great photos of the leaves changing.

#13 – Salisbury Farm (Johnston, RI)

Salisbury Farm in Johnston is a beautiful farm to visit in the fall. The farm was established in the 1800s and today is home to many animals, crops, a corn maze, and more. In the fall, visitors can enjoy the foliage along with plenty of pumpkins!

#14 – Cliff Walk (Newport, RI)

Newport’s enchanting 3.5-mile Cliff Walk is the perfect place to check out the coast and the fall foliage. Cliff Walk takes visitors along some of the most amazing mansions in the world and the leaves changing in the trees make it all the better!

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