8 Best Rhode Island Bridges To Photograph

Rhode Island has many beautiful bridges which are great structures to see and photograph. The state may only be 37 miles wide and 48 miles long, but it boasts 400 miles of shoreline. In this blog post, we showcase 8 stunning bridges in Rhode Island from Newport to Foster.

Claiborne Pell Bridge

  • Town: Newport/Jamestown
  • Viewing Spots: Taylor Point Lookout (Jamestown), Goat Island (Newport), and Fort Adams Lookout (Newport)
  • Location: Here

The Claiborne Pell Bridge, commonly known as the Newport Bridge, is a suspension bridge that spans the East Passage of the Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. The bridge opened in 1969 and carries thousands of people from Jamestown to Newport every day.

I recommend viewing the bridge in Newport from Goat Island, Cypress Street Waterfront Public Access Point in Newport, and Van Zandt Pier. When it comes to viewing the bridge from Jamestown, East Ferry Beach, and Taylor Point Lookout provides great views!

Crawford Street Bridge

  • Town: Providence
  • Viewing Spots: South Water Street and Dyer Street
  • Location: Here

The original Crawford Street Bridge was a concrete and steel bridge built in 1873. The original bridge was one of the widest bridges in the world as it stretched 1,147 feet wide. The original bridge was replaced in 1982 with several narrower bridges to create a more pedestrian-friendly cityscape. The current Crawford Street Bridge is worth checking out in downtown Providence.

Crook Point Bascule Bridge

  • Town: Providence
  • Viewing Spots: Gano Park, Crook Point, and Old Bridge Path
  • Location: Here

The Crook Point Bascule Bridge is a defunct Scherzer rolling lift railway bridge that spans the Seekonk River. The river was opened in 1908 and once connected the city of Providence to East Providence. The bridge officially closed in 1976 and it has remained stuck in the open position since then. It is often referred to by locals as the “Stuck-Up Bridge.” Don’t miss out on seeing this stunning Rhode Island bridge.

Jamestown Verazzano Bridge

  • Town: Jamestown
  • Viewing Spots: Plum Beach and Geene Point
  • Location: Here

The Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge spans the West Passage of Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. Construction of the bridge started in 1985 and it was opened in 1992. The bridge links North Kingstown, Rhode Island to the island of Jamestown, Rhode Island. Plum Beach in North Kingston provides some of the best views of the bridge.

Mount Hope Bridge

  • Town: Bristol
  • Viewing Spots: Bristol Point and Bristol Ferry Town Common
  • Location: Here

The Mount Hope Bridge spans Mount Hope Bay in eastern Rhode Island at one of the narrowest gaps in Narragansett Bay. The two-lane suspension bridge was opened in 1929 and was the longest suspension bridge in New England for 40 years (until the Claiborne Pell Bridge in Newport opened). The Bristol Ferry Town Common provides excellent views of Mount Hope Bridge. It truly is one of the most beautiful Rhode Island bridges to photograph!

Point Street Bridge

  • Town: Providence
  • Viewing Spots: PVD Pedestrian Bridge and Point Street Park
  • Location: Here

The Point Street Bridge is a movable bridge that crosses the Providence River in Providence, Rhode Island. The bridge was opened in 1927 and carries cars from Point Street from the Jewelry District to Wickenden Street at the base of College Hill. Providence River Park and the PVD Pedestrian Bridge both provide great views of the Point Street Bridge.

Providence River Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

  • Town: Providence
  • Viewing Spots: Point Street Bridge and the Riverside
  • Location: Here

The Providence River Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge is a footbridge crossing the Providence River located in the city of Providence, Rhode Island. The bridge opened recently on August 9, 2019, and it stretches about 450 feet.

Swamp Meadow Bridge

  • Town: Foster
  • Viewing Spots: Central Pike
  • Location: Here

Swamp Meadow Bridge is a covered bridge crossing Hemlock Brook in the town of Foster, Rhode Island. The bridge was constructed in 1994, but if it looks much older, that’s because it’s a replica of an earlier model. It spans a total of 40-feet and cars can drive through it.

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