18 Best Fall Photo Spots In The Northeast Kingdom Of Vermont

Best Fall Photo Spots In The Northeast Kingdom Of Vermont - GoXplr

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is a must-visit area during the fall to see beautiful displays of foliage. In late September, the leaves in Vermont turn from green to stunning shades of red, yellow, and orange. These colors often stay until late October. This blog covers the best places in the Northeast Kingdom to visit and photograph this fall!

Here’s a little background on the Northeast Kingdom for those who are unfamilar with the area:

Some of the most picturesque and unspoiled areas of Vermont are found in the Northeast Kingdom, which spans an area of more than 2,000 square miles. The Kingdom, which is bordered by Canada and northern New Hampshire, is a hotspot for outdoor activity, arts and culture, and mouthwatering regional cuisine. There is something to discover across the Northeast Kingdom, from the mountains at Jay Peak Resort to the trails at Burke Mountain and all the way down to busy St. Johnsbury. This guide will showcase some of the greatest lakes, mountains, covered bridges, churches, farms, and historic sites to visit and photograh in the Northeast Kingdom this fall.

Fun fact: George D. Aiken, a former Vermont governor and U.S. senator, is credited with coining the phrase “Northeast Kingdom” in a 1949 speech.

Old Guildhall Grist Mill (Guildhall, Vermont)

  • Address: 400 Granby Rd, Guildhall, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

The Old Guildhall Grist Mill is a favorite spot of many photographers to capture fall photos in the Northeast Kingdom. The grist mill is located just off Route 102 on Granby Road in Guildhall, Vermont. Much of the history of the grist mill is unknown, but many believe it was built in the 1800s. The mill does sit on private property as it is owned by the neighboring Old Home Crawford Farm. Owners of the mill have often welcomed photographers to take pictures from a distance. The rustic, old mill is best captured in the fall when beautiful foliage surrounds it.

Hillside Acres Farm (Barnet, Vermont)

  • Address: 379 Goodwillie Rd, Barnet, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Professional and amateur photographers love visiting Hillside Acres Farm in Barnet, Vermont, especially in the fall. The dairy farm, which occupies 237 acres of land, was constructed in 1875. The focal point of this farm is its sizable red barn which features 67 stalls and three silos. There’s a farm house and several other barns on the property as well. The rolling hills behind the farm make it a great farm to photograph during the fall season when the foliage is peaking. 

Lake Willoughby (Westmore, Vermont)

  • Address: Route 5A, Westmore, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Lake Willoughby needs no introduction. The lake has become famous in recent years due to photographers sharing seemingly endless photos of the lake on social media platforms. One of the main reasons why photographers flock to Lake Willoughby is because it looks like a Norwegian Fjord. Towards the southern end of the lake, there are two massive mountains on either side which are extremely steep. To the west, there is Mount Hor which rises 2,657 feet and to the east there is Mount Pisgah which rises 2,785. Mount Pisgah is the more popular mountain to hike. Seeing the foliage-covered mountains on either side of the lake is truly something amazing! 

Lake Willoughby is also regarded as Vermont’s clearest lake. It is able to remain so pristine thanks to the small amount of commercial and residential developments around it. There are only a few lakefront homes and only one road to get from either side. Lake Willoughby is also Vermont’s deepest lake with a max depth of 328 feet (100m) and an average depth of 185 feet (56m). It was listed as a National Natural Landmark in 1967 which has helped to keep the lake an outstanding biological and geological resource. 

We recommend checking out both the South Beach and the North Beach. That said, South Beach is definitely the most popular Lake Willoughby viewpoint because the lake is more narrow there and the mountains are most pronounced.

Mount Pisgah and Pulpit Rock (Westmore, Vermont)

  • Address: Route 5A, Westmore, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Mount Pisgah

When it comes to seeing Mount Willoughby from above, there is no better place than Mount Pisgah. Mount Pisgah has an elevation of 2,785 feet and it stands along the east side of Lake Willoughby, functioning as the eastern end of the “Willoughby Gap.” The Mount Pisgah Trail is a popular option to get to the top of the mountain where hikers can enjoy epic views of Lake Willoughby, the Green Mountains, and even the White Mountains. The hike is 4.1 miles out-and-back and takes an average of about 3 hours to complete. Parking is conviently located right along Route 5A.

Pulpit Rock

For visitors not looking to take on the whole hike up Mount Pisgah, Pulpit Rock is another great viewpoint conveniently located right along the Mount Pisgah trail. Pulpit Rock is located about halfway up the Mount Pisgah Trail as it sits about 0.9 miles from the trailhead. Pulpit Rock has an elevation of about 1,450 feet and from the rock, visitors can enjoy wonderful views of Lake Willoughby. It is such a fun viewpoint during the fall when foliage can be seen all around the lake. If you are looking to enjoy Lake Willoughby from a higher vantage point, but not take on a very long hike, Pulpit Rock is your spot! 

Christ Episcopal Church (Island Pond, Vermont)

  • Address: South Street, Island Pond, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Christ Episcopal Church is another must-photograph location in the Northeast Kingdom during the fall. The church stands on South Street in the small village of Island Pond, Vermont which is within the town of Brighton. This simplified Gothic Revival style church was built in 1874 by Quebec-born architect W. C. Hodge.

Photographers frequently enjoy taking pictures of the church because they can frame a picture with Bluff Mountain, which is gorgeous during the fall leaf season, in the background. The lovely 600-acre lake, Island Pond, visible from the church, is also nearby.

Peacham Congregational Church (Peacham, Vermont)

  • Address: 56 Church St, Peacham, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

The Peacham Congregational Church is one of the best churches to photograph in Vermont and it can be found right in the Northeast Kingdom in the town of Peacham. The church is beautifully situated on Church Street overlooking the lovely hills, farms, and state forests of Peacham and the Northeast Kingdom. For more than 200 years, the church has functioned as the religious and social hub of the 650-person town. All are invited for Sunday service at the church. Truly a Vermont gem that every photographer should have bookmarked!

Lord’s Creek Covered Bridge (Irasburg, Vermont)

  • Address: Covered Bridge Rd, Irasburg, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Lord’s Creek Covered Bridge is a historic and beautiful covered bridge that is located along Covered Bridge Road in Irasburg, Vermont. The bridge was built in 1881 and originally carried traffic over Lord’s Creek in Irasburg. Sadly, the bridge’s abutments got washed out during a storm and a new steel and concrete bridge was constructed in 1958. A local man named Joseph LeBlond was able to save a lot of the bridge and moved it to it to its current location in 1958.

Today, LeBlond and his family use the bridge to access their farm. Several repairs have been made over the years with a focus on the flooring and floor beams. The bridge is very unique due to it’s 8-panel Paddleford truss design and also the fact that its sides and portals are uncovered. It is a wonderful bridge to photograph all year round, but especially during the fall when fall foliage surrounds it.

Crystal Lake State Park (Barton, Vermont)

  • Address: Bellwater Ave, Barton, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Crystal Lake in Barton, Vermont is a wonderful spot to stop at in the Northeast Kingdom. The large lake spans 3 miles long and about 1 mile wide. It is known to be more than 100 feet deep in certain areas. It’s a magnificent glacial lake nestled among rough-hewn mountainsides.

There is about a mile of sandy shoreline which makes it a great location to walk around and enjoy the views. It is especially fun to visit during the fall when foliage covers the surrounding shoreline and mountains. On a calm day, visitors can enjoy magnificent reflections of the fall trees on the calm lake water. 

Inn at Mountain View Farm (East Burke, Vermont)

  • Address: 3383 Darling Hill Rd, East Burke, Vermont
  • Address: HERE

The Inn at Mountain View Farm in East Burke has one of the Northeast Kingdom’s most impressive views, looking out over rolling farmland, an evergreen forest, and Burke Mountain Resort, which is only two miles away. Elmer A. Darling, a hotelier from New York City, constructed Mountain View Farm in 1883 as a gentleman’s farm. It was formerly one of Vermont’s biggest and most opulent farm estates. Thanks to the efforts of Massachusetts residents John and Marilyn Pastore, who acquired the property in 1989, it still has much of its majestic grandeur today – nearly 150 years after it was built. They renovated the structure and grounds and also included a shelter for farm animals that had been abused.

The property is home to many beautiful structures, but few of them top the beautifully restored red cow barn. This barn at Mountain View Farm is one of the largest farm structures in the state of Vermont. For many years now, photographers have flocked to the barn during the fall to capture iconic photos. Truly a must-visit location in the Northeast Kingdom! 

Moore Round Barn (Barnet, Vermont)

  • Address: 1740 US-5, Barnet, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

If you find yourself driving along Route 5 in Barnet, Vermont, you will come across a rather interesting structure. The structure I am referring to is the Moore Round Barn. Vermont is home to thousands of barns, but hardly any of them are circular like the Moore Round Barn. The history of this barn dates back over 120 years. 

In 1900, Barnet resident and farmer James R. Moore needed a barn to handle his dairy production. Moore reached out to local builder Fred “Silo” Quimby of the firm Quimby and Galbraith to have it built. Quimby decided that the best barn for Moore would be a round one, which at the time seemed rather odd. Round Barns were not popular in Vermont at this time, but in the 1890s, circular barns gained popularity among agricultural institutions in the Midwest because they were thought to be more affordable to construct and operate than conventional rectangular barns. They also were believed to better withstand storms.

Hay was kept in the top floor of the central silo, which was reached by a covered high drive. The circular design of the second-floor milking parlor allowed for a head stanchion where the cows could be fed from the silo and milked at the larger end of the triangular stall, with room for roughly 20 cows. Manure could be dumped to the lower level, where it was collected and used to fertilize the grasslands, using a removable board at the back of each stall.

The round barn is a wonderful structure in photograph at all times and its beauty truly shines in the fall when it’s surrounded by colorful trees. It should also be noted that the barn is on private property, so please take photos from the road. 

Kingdom Farm (East Burke, Vermont)

  • Address: 1258 Pinkham Rd, East Burke, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Kingdom Farm is another backroad gem in the Northeast Kingdom located on Pinkham Road in East Burke, Vermont. The farm date backs to the 1830’s when the farmhouse was constructed. Additional barns were built to support the growing farm. Recently, the farm was converted into a lodge and vacation rental. Many of the people who stay at the barn are mountain bikers who want to have super easy access to the Kingdom Trails. The farm itself is located Wilder way trail, with easy access to the entire trail system.

Learn more at kingdomfarmlodge.com

Jay Peak (Jay, Vermont)

  • Address: 830 Jay Peak Rd, Jay, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Jay Peak is a wonderful mountain located just 5 miles south of Canada-US border in the towns of Jay and Westfield. The majority of the 3,862 foot mountain is located in Jay State Forest, which includes miles of trails and the iconic Jay Peak Ski Resort. If you are looking to experience the amazing fall foliage of Jay Peak and the surrounding area, head to the resort. The Jay Peak Ski Resort fully embraces the fall season as it offers tramway lifts to allow visitors to take in all the beautiful foliage in the area. Aerial Tram Rides at Jay Peak run daily from September 26 to October 10 from 10a-5:30p. Don’t miss out on this awesome experience! 

Dog Chapel at Dog Mountain (St Johnsbury, Vermont)

  • Address: 143 Parks Rd, St Johnsbury, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

The Dog Chapel was opened in 2000 on Dog Mountain in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The chapel was created by Stephen Huneck who was a successful artist and illustrator. He was inspired to open the chapel after he had a near death experience with respiratory distress syndrome. He feel into a coma and eventually rewoke with the vision for the chapel. He believed strongly that dogs were just like family members and he thought there needed to be a spiritual place to achieve closure for those who lose a beloved dog.

Be sure to stop by Dog Mountain to photograph the beautiful chapel and surrounding land which is most lovely in the fall. The property is 150 acres and consists of miles of trails to explore. If you have a dog, be sure to bring them too as they are welcome to run around and play with other visitors!

Owl’s Head Mountain (Groton, Vermont)

  • Address: Owls Head Scenic View, Groton, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Owl’s Head Mountain in Groton, Vermont is a true gem! Owl’s Head summit offers one of Vermont’s most famous vistas, and it is frequently busy during the fall when the foliage is present. It offers breathtaking views of Kettle Pond, Spruce Mountain, and all the beautiful mountains in the distance. It is also extremely easy to access thanks to Owl’s Head Scenic View Road which allows visitors to drive almost right to the summit. A short 0.4 mile is all that is needed to enjoy the legendary Owl’s Head summit views! 

Ricker Pond State Park (Groton, Vermont)

  • Address: 18 Ricker Pond Campground Rd, Groton, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

In the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, in Groton, lies Ricker Pond State Park. It’s one seven state parks in Groton State Forest and is located just off Vermont Route 232.  Civilian Conservation Corps workers created the park in the 1930s, giving the general public access to Ricker Pond. Since then, the park has become popular among people who love camping, motorboating, fishing, swimming, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and more!  

Vist Ricker Pond State Park in the fall to see stunning foliage covered trees all around the shoreline.

Bogie Mountain Sugar Shack (East Ryegate, Vermont)

  • Address: 150 Whitehill Rd, East Ryegate, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Bogie Mountain Sugar Shack in East Ryegate, Vermont has been the subject of countless photographs throughout the years. Its image has been seen everywhere, from jigsaw puzzles to prominent periodicals like Vermont Life and Outdoor Photographer. It is still prospering as a working dairy farm today, run by Calvin “Sherm” Bogie Jr. and his wife Darlene. They continue a legacy spanning five generations of dedicated and hard work. The farm is known for producing amazing products and it has even been recognized with the Covered Dairy of Distinction award. Everyone in the area agrees that Sherm and his family produce the best maple goods. The farm produces and sells top-quality maple goods like maple syrup, milk, nuts, and more.

Bluff Mountain (Island Pond, Vermont)

  • Address: 551 Mountain St, Island Pond, Vermont
  • Directions: HERE

Bluff Mountain offers some spectacular views of the Northeast Kingdom. To access the summit, take the Bluff Mountain Community Trail which is a 2.6-mile loop trail. The trail can be difficult at times, but it’s definitely manageable for those who are used to hiking. The majority of the trail is in the woods until you reach the lookout. The lookout offers spectacular views of Island Pond, the small village, and the beautiful mountains in the distance. Visit in the fall to enjoy the wonderful foliage in the area which appears in late September through October! 

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