Lakes/Ponds in Connecticut

Nestled within the scenic landscapes of Connecticut, the state's lakes and ponds form a network of tranquil oases that beckon to hikers, fishers, photographers, sightseers, swimmers, paddlers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. From expansive bodies of water reflecting the hues of the changing seasons to hidden gems tucked away in wooded landscapes, Connecticut's lakes and ponds offer a diverse array of recreational opportunities and breathtaking vistas. Whether it's the serene waters of Candlewood Lake, the recreational haven of Bantam Lake, or the natural beauty surrounding West Hill Pond, these aquatic gems hold a special place in the hearts of those seeking moments of reprieve and adventure. Join us as we explore the most famous lakes and ponds in Connecticut, discovering the myriad ways in which these freshwater havens contribute to the state's natural allure and recreational charm.

Map of lakes/ponds in Connecticut

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