Parks in Connecticut

Connecticut's diverse landscape is complemented by a plethora of parks that cater to a myriad of outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. From charming gardens and serene lakes to sandy beaches and majestic mountains, the state offers a variety of scenic havens for residents and visitors alike. With a mix of town-owned, state parks, and private oases, Connecticut's parks boast a range of amenities and natural wonders. The best part is, many of these parks are freely accessible, inviting everyone to explore the beauty they hold. Whether you seek the tranquility of a garden in spring, the warmth of a beach in summer, the vibrant foliage of a lakeside retreat in fall, or the serene snow-covered landscapes of a mountain in winter, Connecticut's parks provide year-round delights. Some of the most popular ones, such as Sleeping Giant State Park, Hammonasset Beach State Park, and Elizabeth Park Rose Garden, showcase the variety and richness that the Nutmeg State has to offer. So, come discover the beauty of Connecticut's parks, each providing a unique escape into nature's wonders.

Map of parks in Connecticut

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