Lighthouses in Massachusetts

Steeped in maritime history, Massachusetts' coastline is adorned with an array of majestic lighthouses that have long guided seafarers through treacherous waters. A testament to the state's nautical legacy, Massachusetts is home to numerous lighthouses, each standing as a proud guardian of the sea. The iconic Boston Light, established on Little Brewster Island in 1716, holds the distinction of being the nation's oldest continuously operating lighthouse. These maritime beacons, scattered along the shores and islands, tell stories of seafaring adventures and coastal life. With many of them listed on the National Register of Historic Places, Massachusetts' lighthouses serve as living monuments to the state's rich maritime heritage. While some are privately owned, the majority are situated on public land, welcoming visitors to explore their historic grounds and offering tours throughout the year. Adventurous souls partake in the Massachusetts Lighthouse Challenge, an exciting quest to capture the essence of each lighthouse, revealing not only their architectural beauty but also the enduring maritime spirit that defines the Commonwealth's coastal charm.

Map of every lighthouse in Massachusetts

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