Lighthouses in New Hampshire

Nestled along New Hampshire's picturesque coastline, the state's lighthouses stand as both maritime sentinels and beacons of historical significance. Although New Hampshire's shoreline may be shorter than some of its coastal neighbors, it boasts a compelling legacy of lighthouses. Among them, the iconic Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, established in 1771, holds the distinction of being the oldest in the state, casting its reassuring light over the Piscataqua River. While the number of lighthouses in New Hampshire may be modest compared to other coastal states, each one possesses a unique character and plays a vital role in the maritime narrative. New Hampshire further distinguishes itself with two lake lighthouses, including Burkehaven Lighthouse and Herrick Cove Lighthouse, both gracing the scenic waters of Lake Sunapee. With several of these maritime beacons listed on the National Register of Historic Places, they stand as enduring symbols of New Hampshire's maritime heritage. Many of these structures, situated on public land, beckon visitors to explore their historic grounds, offering tours throughout the year. Adventure-seekers are enticed by the New Hampshire Lighthouse Challenge, an endeavor to photograph and appreciate these coastal and lake treasures that weave together the state's maritime history and natural splendor.

Map of every lighthouse in New Hampshire

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