Covered Bridges in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, while not known for an abundance of covered bridges, is home to two charming structures that beckon explorers seeking a touch of nostalgia. The Carl Erickson Covered Bridge and Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge stand as the sole representatives of this iconic architectural style in the state. Despite their limited number, these covered bridges are well worth seeking out. Each structure exudes a unique charm, providing a delightful contrast to the modern landscape. The Carl Erickson Covered Bridge, nestled in Scituate, and Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge, located in Foster, invite visitors to step into a bygone era, offering a glimpse into Rhode Island's historical and cultural tapestry. For those inclined to seek out the hidden gems of the smallest state in the U.S., these covered bridges present a wonderful opportunity to experience a touch of rustic beauty amid the contemporary surroundings.

Map of every covered bridge in Rhode Island

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