Lakes/Ponds in Rhode Island

Welcome to the understated beauty and tranquil waters that grace the state of Rhode Island. Although small in size, this coastal gem is home to a delightful array of lakes and ponds that hold a special place in the hearts of hikers, fishers, photographers, sightseers, swimmers, paddlers, and nature enthusiasts. Rhode Island's freshwater treasures, while often overshadowed by its coastal offerings, offer a peaceful retreat for those seeking respite and connection with nature. From the recreational haven of Worden Pond, where fishing and paddling thrive, to the scenic allure of Watchaug Pond nestled within Burlingame State Park, each body of water adds a unique touch to the state's natural charm. Join us in exploring the most beloved lakes and ponds, where Rhode Island's intimate and serene freshwater landscapes welcome all who appreciate the beauty that lies beyond the ocean shores.

Map of lakes/ponds in Rhode Island

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