Lighthouses in Vermont

While Vermont may be a landlocked state, its surprising connection to maritime history unfolds through the presence of lighthouses, telling a unique tale of navigation and waterborne commerce. Remarkably, Vermont has seen the establishment of eight lighthouses within its borders. Today, six of these lighthouse towers still stand, and three continue to serve as active beacons. Situated on the shores of the iconic Lake Champlain, the Burlington Breakwater South Lighthouse and Burlington Breakwater North Lighthouse mark the entrance to Burlington Harbor. A testament to Vermont's unexpected maritime heritage, these lighthouses stand as silent sentinels over the inland waters, guiding vessels with their historic significance. Windmill Point Light, also gracing the shores of Lake Champlain, adds to the state's maritime charm, showcasing how even a landlocked haven like Vermont has played a part in the maritime tapestry of the United States.

Map of every lighthouse in Vermont

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