Worcester, Massachusetts

The beautiful Bancroft Tower, nestled within Worcester, Massachusetts, is a historic gem that has stood tall in Salisbury Park since its completion in 1900.

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Bancroft Tower, nestled within Worcester, Massachusetts, is a historic gem that has stood tall since its completion in 1900. This impressive structure pays homage to George Bancroft, a distinguished figure in American history and a native of Worcester.

The tower, a magnificent edifice crafted from natural stone and granite, soars to a height of 56 feet. Its commanding presence is a testament to the architectural prowess of Earle and Fisher, the Worcester-based architects responsible for its design. Built at a cost of approximately $15,000, Bancroft Tower has become an enduring symbol of Worcester's rich history and heritage.

George Bancroft, after whom the tower is named, was a Worcester native known for his multifaceted contributions to American society. Bancroft served as the Secretary of the Navy, a diplomat, and a historian. His legacy is forever intertwined with Worcester's history, making him a fitting choice for this monumental tribute.

Salisbury Park, the location of Bancroft Tower, serves as a picturesque setting for this historic structure. The park provides an ideal backdrop for visitors to explore the tower's architectural marvel and immerse themselves in its rich history.

Ownership of Bancroft Tower has transitioned over the years. Initially, it was entrusted to the Worcester Art Museum, which later passed it on to the Worcester Parks Department in 1912. This transition ensured the tower's preservation and accessibility to the public.

On March 5, 1980, Bancroft Tower received a prestigious distinction by being added to the National Register of Historic Places. This recognition is a testament to the tower's historical significance and its contribution to preserving Worcester's heritage. It's reference number, assigned by the National Park Service, is 80000524.

Today, the grounds surrounding Bancroft Tower are open daily to the public, offering a serene escape for visitors to enjoy from sunrise to sunset. Additionally, every Sunday in October, weather permitting, the 501(c)3 organization Park Spirit opens the tower to the public, allowing exploration of its inner chambers. Inside the tower, historical exhibitions narrate the compelling stories of Stephen Salisbury III, the tower's builder, and George Bancroft, the tower's esteemed namesake.

Convenient free parking is available right in front of Bancroft Tower along Bancroft Tower Road, making it easily accessible to all who wish to experience its historical charm and scenic surroundings. Bancroft Tower stands as both a testament to Worcester's past and an inviting destination for present-day visitors to explore and appreciate.

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Bancroft Tower Road, Worcester, Massachusetts

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42.276478, -71.815912
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Free parking is available in a dedicated area right in front of the tower along Bancroft Tower Road.


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