Jamestown, Rhode Island

Nestled within the picturesque Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, Rhode Island, lies the historic and abandoned coastal gun battery known as Battery 213.

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Nestled within the picturesque Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, Rhode Island, lies the historic Battery 213. While the famous Beavertail Lighthouse tends to steal the limelight, many are unaware of the deep military history embedded within this coastal park. The prominence of Beavertail's location, with its forward-reaching peninsula overseeing two significant coastal passages connecting the Atlantic Ocean and the Narragansett Bay, made it an ideal spot for military installations.

Battery 213 stands as a testament to the urgency and strategic necessity felt during World War II. Construction of this significant structure commenced on February 19, 1942, amidst the tumult of the war, and was completed swiftly by June 30, 1943. The impressive battery came at a cost of $239,623.00 and was subsequently handed over to the Coast Artillery later that year, on December 23. During its active years, it was an integral part of Fort Burnside. The battery's inception was rooted in the aim to replace the outdated Endicott Period Batteries. Out of the 87 batteries that were conceptualized during World War II, only slightly more than half, 45 to be precise, saw completion. Interestingly, a significant number of these batteries were finished post-war, emphasizing the complexities and challenges of wartime construction.

Diving deeper into its structure, Battery 213 showcases an impressive 175-foot long reinforced concrete magazine. This expansive space once housed shell rooms, powder rooms, meeting areas, and general storage chambers. The magazine's primary purpose was to provide ammunition and support for the two 6-inch M1905 rapid-fire guns that stood proudly on either end of the magazine. These formidable guns, seated on M1 Shielded Barbette Carriages, boasted the capability of firing 105-pound armor-piercing projectiles across distances surpassing 15 miles.

However, like many wartime installations, Battery 213's active service was relatively short-lived. By 1948, just a few years after the conclusion of World War II, it was abandoned. Today, visitors to Beavertail State Park can easily spot this historic relic. Located just a stone's throw away from Beavertail Road, remnants of the battery, including the concrete gun pads at the magazine's ends, are visible, with the main magazine still buried beneath layers of earth. For those wishing to delve into this piece of history, the state park provides ample and complimentary parking facilities. However, it's worth noting that during nice summer days, the park witnesses a high influx of visitors, so an early visit might be advisable.

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Beavertail Road, Jamestown, Rhode Island

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41.453639, -71.398472
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There are hundreds of free parking spots at Beavertail State Park across 4 separate lots. All these parking lots are located along Beavertail Road. The closest parking lot to Battery 213 is the large lot on the southwestern edge of the park.


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