Brooklyn, Connecticut

The Blackwell Brook Covered Bridge, also known as Fitzgerald Road Covered Bridge, was built in 2010 and it is now a beloved landmark of Brooklyn, Connecticut.

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The Blackwell Brook Covered Bridge, also known as the Fitzgerald Road Covered Bridge, is a charming and relatively new addition to the landscape of Brooklyn, Connecticut. Built in 2010, this covered bridge serves as a picturesque crossing over Blackwell Brook while connecting Fitzgerald Road. Painted in the classic red hue that is often associated with covered bridges, it spans 35 feet in length and offers a generous width of 14 feet, making it suitable for both pedestrians and vehicles.

What makes the Blackwell Brook Covered Bridge particularly special is that it's a relatively recent reconstruction of the original bridge, which was initially built in 1986. As it carries travelers across the tranquil waters of Blackwell Brook, it is believed to be the only covered bridge of its kind in Northeastern Connecticut.

Nestled within a scenic residential area, the bridge offers a peaceful and serene environment for those who visit. Its quiet location encourages visitors to take a leisurely stroll beneath its protective cover and admire the views framed by the bridge's windows. While the bridge itself is a delightful attraction, it's important to respect the surrounding properties, as there are numerous "no trespassing" signs in the vicinity, discouraging access to the brook below. Therefore, it's recommended to enjoy the bridge from the road and avoid venturing down to the brook.

The story behind the construction of the Blackwell Brook Covered Bridge adds to its allure. The bridge was built by Ken Sigfridson, a skilled barn builder, along with his son. Ken Sigfridson's expertise in custom post-and-beam buildings led to the creation of this covered bridge. In 2010, town officials in Brooklyn decided to replace the Fitzgerald Road Covered Bridge, and Ken Sigfridson offered his support by donating both the materials and labor required for the construction.

The Blackwell Brook Covered Bridge follows a Howe truss design, a common choice for bridges of its length. Constructed primarily of oak, this bridge exemplifies craftsmanship and durability. Its sturdy structure is a testament to the dedication and passion of the builders.

For those who wish to admire and photograph the Blackwell Brook Covered Bridge, there is no dedicated parking area. However, visitors can conveniently pull over on the side of Fitzgerald Road to capture the bridge's timeless beauty and enjoy a moment of serenity in this lovely corner of Connecticut.

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Fitzgerald Road, Brooklyn, Connecticut

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41.798083, -71.981944
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Visitors can pull over on the side of Fitzgerald Road to admire and photograph the bridge. No dedicated parking area has been established.


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