Stowe, Vermont

Brookdale Covered Bridge, located in Stowe, Vermont, is a charming and picturesque covered bridge that offers both practical function and aesthetic beauty.

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Brookdale Covered Bridge, nestled along Brook Road in Stowe, Vermont, is a charming and picturesque covered bridge that offers both practical function and aesthetic beauty. Built in 1964, this bridge was constructed to allow traffic to cross over the West Branch of the Waterbury River. Measuring 56 feet in length and approximately 20 feet in width, the Brookdale Covered Bridge serves as a vital link for pedestrians and cars alike.

One of the distinctive features of the Brookdale Covered Bridge is its covered stringer design. Covered stringer bridges are characterized by a structure that supports the roadway with a series of stringers, typically numbering three or four, all running in the same direction. While these bridges are often constructed from wood, they can also be crafted from materials such as stone or metal. Found predominantly in rural areas, covered stringer bridges have become a favored tourist attraction due to their unique and appealing aesthetics. Beyond their visual appeal, these bridges hold historical significance, as they were often built to connect previously inaccessible pieces of land. For many, traversing these bridges offers a sense of nostalgia and a romantic way to move from one place to another.

Exploring Brookdale Covered Bridge presents visitors with an enchanting experience. Surrounded by lush forests and overlooking a scenic river, this covered bridge offers an ideal backdrop for photography enthusiasts. As you wander through the bridge, take a moment to admire its distinctive architectural design, which seamlessly blends form and function. While capturing captivating photographs, you'll also feel a strong connection to history as you explore this remarkable piece of heritage. Your visit to and photography session at Brookdale Covered Bridge are sure to create lasting memories.

Accessing the covered bridge is incredibly convenient, thanks to a nearby parking area situated just before the bridge along Brook Road. This parking lot is free of charge and can accommodate approximately 10 cars. It is also frequently used by visitors who are exploring the Stowe Recreation Path, adding to the area's appeal as a recreational destination. Whether you're a history buff, a photography enthusiast, or simply seeking a tranquil spot to admire Vermont's natural beauty, Brookdale Covered Bridge is a must-visit location that offers a unique and memorable experience.

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Stowe, Vermont

GPS Coordinates:
44.497111, -72.745361
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Parking Notes:
There is a small dirt parking lot located just off Brook Road. The lot also serves as the northern entrance to the Stowe Recreation Path. There are about 10 parking spots and they are free to use.


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