Putnam, Connecticut

Cargill Falls is a nice roadside waterfall located in Putnam, Connecticut just off Kennedy Drive. The waterfall drops about 20 feet along the Quinebaug River.

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Cargill Falls is a nice roadside waterfall located in Putnam, Connecticut. The waterfall has a total height of 20 feet and it can be found along Quinebaug River. The waterfall itself drops in a unique formation consisting of a 10-foot dam followed by cascades which drop about 10 feet. The river is controlled by the dam, so sometimes there can be little flow at the falls. Since the flow is not natural, it can be hard to time when is best to visit. The watershed is very large for much of the year.

Viewing Cargill Falls is super easy considering it is located right off the main road. Visitors can park at Rotary Park to get a great look at the falls. Parking is free. This is a wonderful family-friendly waterfall and dogs are welcome to explore the falls too!

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Kennedy Drive, Putnam, Connecticut

GPS Coordinates:
41.915667, -71.911000
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Parking can be found at the nearby Rotary Park. There is a small parking area located along Kennedy Drive in Putnam for visitors of the park who are also looking to see the waterfall.


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