Freeport, Maine

Nestled in the quaint coastal town of Freeport, Maine, the abandoned Casco Castle Tower stands as an intriguing relic of the past when a grand hotel functioned.

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Nestled in the quaint coastal town of Freeport, Maine, the Casco Castle Tower stands as an intriguing relic of the past. With its storied history and distinctive architecture, this stone tower is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered, even though it is located on private property and best admired from a distance.

The Tower's Grandeur

Rising proudly to a height of 185 feet, the Casco Castle Tower is an impressive sight. It is situated in proximity to the Harraseekett Yacht Club, contributing to the charm of its surroundings. As it resides on private property, visitors are advised to enjoy its beauty from the roadside.

The Birth of Casco Castle

The Casco Castle was conceived as a resort in Freeport, Maine, with its construction commencing in 1903. The visionary behind this grand establishment was Amos F. Gerald, hailing from Fairfield, Maine. Gerald's passion for this venture was fueled by his ownership of the Portland and Brunswick Street Railway, which had recently opened a new route. This route allowed guests to access the resort via trolley cars, setting the stage for a symbiotic relationship between the resort and the railway.

To bring his dream to life, Gerald enlisted the expertise of William R. Miller and his architectural firm. The resulting hotel building comprised five floors, and its distinctive feature was a freestanding stone tower connected to the main structure by a charming bridge. The hotel rooms and the tower itself offered breathtaking views of Casco Bay. On the resort grounds, visitors could relish a picnic area, a baseball field, and even a small zoo. The Casco Castle was poised to become a destination of elegance and leisure.

"Casco Castle" by archer10 (Dennis) is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Challenges and Tragedy

In its initial years, the Casco Castle thrived. However, trouble loomed on the horizon. The advent of the automobile as the favored mode of transport led to a decline in trolley car usage. This shift meant that potential guests had more travel options, and the allure of the Casco Castle waned. Furthermore, Gerald's Portland and Brunswick Railway faced foreclosure in 1911, impacting the railway's ability to ferry visitors to the resort.

Despite these challenges, the resort managed to remain open until 1914, with new owners stepping in after its initial closure. However, fate took a cruel turn in late September of the same year. A devastating fire erupted within the wooden confines of the hotel and rapidly consumed the entire structure. In a matter of moments, the majestic hotel that was the Casco Castle was reduced to ashes, leaving behind only the stone tower. Some speculated that the owners might have intentionally set fire to the hotel, but such claims have never been substantiated.

The Tower's Legacy

Today, the Casco Castle Tower stands as the sole vestige of the once-thriving resort. For years, the tower was open to the public, often attracting curious local kids eager to explore its mysteries. However, time has ushered in changes, and the tower and its adjacent land have come under private ownership. Access to the tower is now restricted, and it can only be admired from the roadside. Strolling along Harraseeket Road offers picturesque vistas of this captivating old stone tower.

For those eager to catch a glimpse of this hidden gem, the nearest public parking area can be found at Brewer South Freeport Marine, boasting about two dozen free parking spots. From there, a leisurely walk along Harraseeket Road presents an excellent vantage point to admire the enigmatic Casco Castle Tower, a testament to a bygone era of elegance and intrigue.

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15 Castle Road, Freeport, Maine

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43.818694, -70.111944
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The closest public parking can be found at the Brewer South Freeport Marine. There are about two dozen free parking spots at the marina. Walk along Harraseeket Road to see the tower. The tower is private and surrounded by private property, so just admire it from the road.


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