Ipswich, Massachusetts

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate stands as a magnificent 56,881 square foot Tudor Revival mansion, gracing the landscape of Ipswich, Massachusetts.

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Castle Hill on the Crane Estate stands as a magnificent Tudor Revival mansion, gracing the landscape of Ipswich, Massachusetts. This colossal estate boasts an astounding 56,881 square feet of living space and features a grand 59-room mansion. Completed in 1928, it was envisioned and constructed as a summer retreat for Mr. and Mrs. Richard Teller Crane, Jr., with Mr. Crane being a prominent Chicago industrialist and the founder of R.T. Crane & Bro.

The estate's name, Castle Hill, is derived from the 165-acre drumlin upon which the mansion majestically stands. This exceptional site is encircled by the tranquil embrace of the sea and salt marshes. Long before the arrival of European settlers, indigenous peoples knew this location well, bestowing upon it the name Agawam due to its abundance of fish.

Castle Hill on the Crane Estate represents a remarkable testament to the turn-of-the-century Country Place Era, during which affluent individuals crafted sprawling country estates. This estate is a shining example of the era's opulence, boasting meticulous documentation and featuring architectural and landscape designs by no less than seven nationally renowned firms and individuals, including the esteemed Olmsted Brothers and Shepley, Rutan, and Coolidge.

In 1949, the Crane family displayed their deep commitment to preservation and philanthropy by generously donating the entire property to The Trustees of Reservations. This non-profit organization continues to be its steward, meticulously preserving and maintaining this historic treasure. Seasonally, Castle Hill offers guided tours of its splendid mansion, allowing visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in its grandeur.

To ensure the best experience for visitors, Castle Hill recommends advance pass purchases, although they are not mandatory for entry. Having an advance pass guarantees access on the designated day and time, even if passes sell out. For Trustees Members, entry is free, while non-members are charged a modest fee: Adults $10, children aged 6-14 $5, and children aged 5 and under are admitted free of charge. Passes grant single entry during a three-hour time slot, providing ample opportunity to explore this historic gem.

The significance of Castle Hill on the Crane Estate extends beyond its architectural grandeur and historical importance. It holds a special place in the hearts of those dedicated to preserving our nation's heritage. This enduring legacy was officially recognized when the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places on December 2, 1977. This prestigious designation underscores its immense cultural and historical value, ensuring its story continues to be celebrated and cherished by generations to come. It's refence number, provided by the National Park Service, is 77000183.

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290 Argilla Road, Ipswich, Massachusetts

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42.685391, -70.779150
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Free for Trustees Members. Nonmembers: Adult $10, children 6-14 $5, and children 5 and under Free. Passes are valid for a single entry during a three-hour time slot. It is best to purchase passes in advance at https://thetrustees.org/content/passes/.


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