Killingworth, Connecticut

The Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge is a charming landmark found within the picturesque landscapes of Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, Connecticut.

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The Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge is a charming landmark nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Chatfield Hollow State Park in Killingworth, Connecticut. This beautiful covered bridge is a reproduction bridge, painstakingly crafted to capture the essence of a bygone era, and it serves as a delightful attraction for park visitors.

Constructed in 1966, the Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge spans 30 feet over Chatfield Hollow Brook, adding a touch of rustic charm to the park's natural beauty. Its wooden structure and classic design evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of simpler times when covered bridges were a common sight across the countryside.

However, in recent years, concerns have arisen about the condition of this beloved bridge. As of 2022, the Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge was showing signs of significant wear and tear. Its roof had deteriorated, the footboards were loose, and the floorboards were rotting and buckling, raising questions about its long-term viability and safety.

Fortunately, the dedicated efforts of community members and advocacy groups like the Friends of Chatfield Hollow have brought much-needed attention to the bridge's deteriorating state. With over 2,100 followers on their Facebook page, these passionate individuals have tirelessly campaigned for the preservation and restoration of this iconic landmark.

In response to these concerns, state officials have taken action. The Connecticut state budget for 2022 included a significant allocation of funds—$51.5 million, which included $21.5 million from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)—to address the backlog of infrastructure improvements across the State Park system.

As part of this initiative, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has allocated $100,000 for a comprehensive study of the Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge. This study, expected to begin in late 2022, will examine the bridge's structural integrity, permitting requirements, hydraulic impact, and aesthetic considerations.

One of the primary challenges in addressing the bridge's condition is the sensitive ecological framework surrounding the waterway it crosses. Environmental permitting requirements, hydrologic/hydraulic considerations, and a changing climate all pose complex challenges that necessitate a thoughtful and meticulous approach to any repair or replacement.

State Senator Christine Cohen, who chairs the Environment Committee, has championed the cause of preserving this cherished landmark. She emphasizes the importance of the Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge to the local community and the park's visitors. While it may not pose an immediate safety concern, its cultural and historical significance make it a priority for restoration.

Though the project's exact nature—whether it will involve a complete reconstruction or a repair—remains to be determined, there is a clear commitment from the DEEP to address the Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge's needs. The aim is to ensure that this iconic piece of Connecticut's history is not lost and continues to delight future generations of park-goers.

Chatfield Hollow State Park, spanning 412 acres, offers a wealth of recreational activities, including hiking, biking, picnicking, swimming, and fishing. Among its treasures, the Chatfield Hollow Covered Bridge remains a cherished symbol of the park's natural beauty and cultural heritage, waiting to be preserved for all to enjoy.

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381 Route 80, Killingworth, Connecticut

GPS Coordinates:
41.376583, -72.594028
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Parking is available right near the western entrance of the bridge. The bridge is located in Chatfield Hollow State Park which does collect a parking fee.


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